“What I wish I knew about love”

March 25, 2010

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about love, what would it be? Anew book explores this question.

“What I Wish I Knew about Love” is a personal, touching and at times hilarious collection of real advice from real people who’ve worked out their own little piece of life’s puzzle the same way we all do – by living, learning and, when it comes to love, making some really huge mistakes along the way.

We all live different lives, so we all learn different lessons. Now with this book we can benefit from the wisdom of other people’s hindsight. Here are some of the pearls of wisdom you’ll find in “What I Wish I Knew about Love” by Marty Wilson ($17.99, Allen and Unwin).

– “Women need to accept that one flawed, imperfect man is unlikely to ever give them everything they want. Other relationships, particularly close female friendships, can fill the gaps.” Bettina Arndt, sex writer

– “When looking for love, a lot of people put too much emphasis on status: the car they drive, where they grew up, the brands they wear. But those things don’t matter. What does the person believe in? Are they kind? Are they a good person? These are the things that matter.” Melissa Doyle, TV presenter

– “There’s a classic Buddhist saying: ‘I love you. Bless you. Just keep walking.’ You have to love everyone but you don’t have to accept everyone.” Matt Church, motivational speaker.

What do you think of these quotes? What love advice would you go back and give your teenage self?

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