What Is The Happiness Diet?

February 23, 2012

We’re always told that what we eat affects our health but did did you know that food can really affect our mood as well?

Clinical psychiatrist Drew Ramsey of Columbia University and health writer Tyler Graham claim that the right food can be a “the foundation of good mental health” in their new book, The Happiness Diet.

The authors point out that while obesity rates have doubled in the last decade, so has depression, and link the two to our poor diet choices. “Your brain is made of food,” says Dr Ramsey. “You can’t feel your best if you starve the brain.”

A diet that is ideal for health and happiness should include natural mood-boosters such as magnesium, vitamin B12 and conjugated linoleum acid (found in eggs and grass-fed meat), as well as olive oil, whole grains and vegetables.

Chocolate? Cheese? Do you have foods that boost your mood?

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