What It’ll REALLY Take To Work Off Your Halloween Candy

October 30, 2015

Trick or…burpees?

There’s no denying the fact Halloween is an excuse to eat enough candy to make your dentist literally rub their hands together in delight as they calculate the cost of your next visit.

If you haven’t started serious work on a few cavaties by the end of the night, you’re doing it wrong.

But in all seriousness, like any other indulgent holiday, you should probably pace yourself when hitting the Twizzlers this year, and not just because you’ll be hopped up on so much artificial color red40 you won’t be able to sleep for weeks, but because despite their deceptively cute sizing, candy products are anything but low calorie. In fact you’re likely to be more horrified by the sheer amount of sweat it’s going to take you to work off that Kit-Kat than you are by your neighbor’s porch.

Here’s what it’ll really take you to exercise away your fave Halloween candy treats…

Peanut M&M’s


One tiny little fun-sized packet of everybody’s fave variety of M&M’s will cost you a 15 minute hike, which is roughly what it takes to work off the 90 calories this treat contains.

Sour Patch Kids


We hope you’re willing to work for this treat, because a single serve pack of Sour Patch Kids is going to take you a 37 minute bike ride to burn off thanks to the 210 calories it’s packed with.



Two of those teeny, tiny little fun-size Twix bars we’ve all been known to much our way through during Halloween celebrations, contain a whopping 160 calories and will take you 20 minutes of lifting to sweat off.

Gummy Bears


If you’re willing to portion out your candy, you can get away with eating a dozen Gummy Bears in exchange for a vigorous seven-minute swim to work off the 108 calories you’ve consumed.



To work off one fun-sized pack of everyone’s fave Halloween candy, Skittles, you’ll only need to go for a five-minute run, thanks to the slightly more humble 60 calories a pack contains. Now that sounds more like it!

Comment: Are you shocked by any of the calorie contents of these Halloween treats?

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