“What Kate Did Next” by Lisa Heidke

March 11, 2010

“What Kate Did Next”

By Lisa Heidke

Meet Kate Cavendish – housewife and mother of two – as she dips her toes back into the workforce while trying to juggle kids, a work-obsessed husband, lust for her son’s soccer coach, and much, much more. Her husband’s a workaholic, her kids are growing up – now it’s time for Kate to follow some of her own dreams …

This is the often hilarious but also wry account of the life of mother of two, Kate Cavendish. It seems like only yesterday that Kate was one of the most well-regarded photographers in town. So how, she wonders, did her life come to consist of so much drudgery, not to mention dealing with a recalcitrant, eye-rolling teenage daughter and an often-absentee husband. And why oh why did her young son have to score such a distractingly gorgeous soccer coach? We follow Kate’s journey as she dips her toes back into the workforce and starts to fantasise about getting her life back, including some of the glamour and fun.

Lisa Heidke studied journalism at Queensland University, fled Brisbane and settled in Sydney where she landed a job as an Acquisitions Editor in book publishing. After a while there, she headed to ACP where she worked as a feature writer on several national magazines, including Practical Parenting and Bride to Be. (She once found herself getting chased around the desk by the art director of Bride to Be.) After many years living in Sydney’s inner west, Lisa woke up one morning to find herself married with three children and living on the North Shore (much to her surprise and sometimes horror).

SheSaid Says:

This is an easy to read, entertaining novel about a woman who has everything most people could desire – a lovely husband, two healthy kids and a house in the suburbs but Kate is bored and wants to go back to work. This is an interesting view of a common dilemma many women face today. We follow Kate as she navigates her way through family, career, sex, love and friendships issues while trying to stay sane. This will appeal to many of us who have dreams of being back on the career track.

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