What makeup can I use on freckles?

October 28, 2009

Maria Gabriel Ertas from The Makeup Store answers your most-asked beauty questions.

How can I make my cheekbones look like Angelina Jolie’s? – Sabrina, VIC

“Using a special technique we call “contouring”. This is when you darken a particular area to bring out another part of your face. So using a neutral beige tone that needs to be at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone will achieve best results.”

To measure where to place the colour on the cheek, hold a brush at an angle from the top of your ear to the outer corner of your lips. This will outline the area underneath your cheekbone. Then using an angled rouge brush (recommend Make Up Store brush #367), softly blend the colour from your ear to the middle of the cheek. By placing a darker colour under the cheekbone, it enhances the size of the cheekbone. Finish the look with a fresh blush applied lightly through the apple of the cheeks.

I have a lot of freckles, how can I work them to my advantage? – Emily, VIC

“Freckles are a unique asset, so be sure not to get carried away with trying to hide them with layers of concealer, instead let them naturally come through. Apply a minimal amount of foundation all over the face so that it just evens out your skin tone. Then only conceal any red spots or dark circles under the eyes. By applying a fresh pink or peachy toned blush, it lifts and brightens your face.”

What lip colours are in for summer? Is deep red in or out? – Pia, VIC

“Orange is huge for summer and similar toned colours with a gold reflection catch the light of the sun beautifully. Babydoll pink with a gold hue against tanned skin is also quite fun! I think deep red can always be in depending on the time of day, I think it can always finish off a classic evening look when the rest of the makeup is very minimal.”

I heard that waterproof mascara ruins your eyelashes. Is this true? – Lisa, QLD

“Most waterproof mascaras have very strong and harsh ingredients in them, such as nickel, so it really depends on what is in the mascara. Make up Store, has a great coloured waterproof mascara range which is completely nickel free, so all you will need is a good waterproof make up remover. If you tend to wear waterproof mascaras often, it’s a great idea to treat your lashes just like you would apply treatment through the hair on your head.

What is your one can’t-live-without-it beauty product? – Tina, SA

“Definitely Make up Store’s “SKIN SERUM”. It is effective no matter what time of year or condition my skin is in. It acts as a skin primer and skin treatment which hydrates the skin with “ginko blioba” and its silicone base mattifies the skin and fills out lines and open pores. I have oily skin, so this is perfect for me as it also allows my foundation to last all day without slipping off, LOVE IT!”

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