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July 27, 2009

AskMen’s ‘Great Male Survey’ revealed some pretty shocking stats on men and sex! Over 50,000 global participants, including 1,500 Aussie men took part in a survey which had the following results …

– 69% of men saying they have fantasized about sleeping with their partner’s friends.

– 40% saying they are not entirely satisfied with their sex lives

– 23% saying they are entirely dissatisfied

– 32% of Australian men said they would not pursue a relationship with a girlfriend who didn’t have “wife potential”

– A sense of caring/nurturing was voted the most important personality trait that makes a woman “relationship material” with 29% of votes followed by loyalty, a sense of humour and intelligence.

– 65% of Australian men and 68% of American men say they believe that they have a soul mate.

– 72% of Australian men would not cheat on their partner, even if there was no chance of them finding out.

– 26% of Australian men said they would change nothing about their wife/girlfriend with 22% wanting to change her sexual appetite and 20% wanting to change her attitude/moodiness.

– 44% of Australian men say that they should pay for the majority of dates until the relationship is established.

– 52% say a healthy sex life is crucial to a good relationship with 79% saying multiple times a week constitutes a healthy sex life.

– 50% of Australian men said they would enlarge their penis if they could.

– C cup was voted most popular breast size (50%) and 65% of Australian men would not change their partner’s breast size if they could.

-44% of Aussie men would dump a girlfriend if she became fat.

– QLD voted the state with the most beautiful women

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