What to do when your family love your ex and hoped he’d become a son in law? (con’t)

July 27, 2004

What to do when your family love your ex and hoped he’d become a son in law? (con’t)
If you find yourself making statements that are vague, they will drill you. Give them the bare facts to begin with. Tell them if it was a mutual decision or who ended the relationship. If he hurt you, tell them that but try not to go into elaborate or complicated explanations. They need to know how you are feeling emotionally and understand that their support and loyalty would be welcome. If the relationship ended without too much pain, it will be easier for your family to maintain a friendship with your ex if they want to. Giving them this choice is a good way for you to make sure you’ve resolved any issues between you and your ex.

What if someone in your family wants to keep in touch with your ex ? It happens, I’ve been there, done that. In my 20’s my brother’s long term girlfriend was part of our family and was one of my gal pals and we became even closer after they broke up. It made it easier because they didn’t break up hating each other.

You can’t stay in a relationship because your family like the guy but there’s a lot to be said for ending a relationship graciously and with as little hurt as possible.

By Michelle Lewis

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