What To Look Out For When Considering Cosmetic Surgery

December 1, 2011

If you are thinking about a cosmetic procedure there are a few things you should consider before seeking treatment. Dr Susan Austin from the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia points out a few important considerations:

1. Choose your doctor wisely

People considering a cosmetic treatment should always speak to a qualified doctor to undergo the process of a medical history and examination before a treatment is commenced. We recommend speaking to a doctor who specialises in cosmetic procedures to ensure that your treatment is safe, effective and legitimate. To find a qualified doctor that specialises in cosmetic treatments visit www.cosmeticphysicians.org.au

2. Is it legitimate?

If you’re having an injectable treatment, make sure it’s legitimate. Any professional doctor will be happy to show you the type of medication they are injecting before use. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you’re not comfortable you shouldn’t go ahead with the treatment.

3. Think about what you want to achieve

It’s important that patients speak to a doctor about their desired results to ensure they receive the most appropriate treatment for them. For example, many people consider muscle relaxants like Botox® as the ‘go-to’ treatment for wrinkles, however some people may be more suitable for a dermal filler to plump the skin and give that youthful appearance.

4. Consider the down time

Patients may need some‘social down time’ following their procedure. While many people may think of a cosmetic procedure as a ‘quick fix’, they should realise that the results of a procedure may not be fully visible for some time so they need to account for recovery times. Some patients may also experience bruising or swelling after treatment, so if you’re having your procedure before for a special occasion, make sure you allow a couple of weeks before the big day for these side effects to subside.

5. Have options

Patients should also consider holistic treatment regimens that concentrate on their overall look – using a number of different tools to help target the problem areas. Patients should ensure that their practitioner is able to give them several options, as this often provides them with the best results.

Have you had or would you consider cosmetic treatments?

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