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What to wear to a music festival!

What to wear to a music festival!

You want to be comfortable, cool and chic when you rock out to your favourite bands and DJs this summer so try these trends on for size.

Dita ‘Fever’ sunglasses $329

Lauren Moshi Lips tank $149

SUPRÉ tie dye denim hipster shorts $39

SUPRÉ high waist loose fit mini skirt $28

17501-0007 Levi’s 501 Deconstructed Short $99.95, 1800 625 603

This is Genevieve black one piece with tie sides to wear with denim shorts, $143, 03 9826 5460

Anon. Hollyweird in Purple Satin $139.95

Regina Garde Scarf Shoes $79

Regina Garde patterns Kaftans $89

Regina Garde Rainbow Dress $65

Regina Garde Leather Clutch $90

Filigree Silver Bow ring from Regina Garde $55

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