What To Wear When You’re Stuck In A Fashion Rut

August 17, 2011

What To Wear When You’re Stuck In A Fashion Rut

1. As a mother you can understand how other busy mothers can get stuck in a fashion rut. What are your best tips for giving your look a boost?

Accessories! If mothers find themselves time-poor or can’t afford a new seasons overhaul, accessories are a great way to enhance their look. From necklaces, scarves, bags and shoes, they all work to effectively revamp your style with minimal effort and only a small investment.

2. Women often say “I have nothing to wear!” – how do you pull together a great outfit for any occasion from what you already have?

I find that most women have a fall back dress or outfit that makes them feel good. An easy way to create a new look in your own wardrobe is to try on the outfit, putting on your favourite music, closing the door and playing dress-ups! Team the outfit with different colour shoes, necklaces and jackets to see how you can work the look – room for strutting and a mirror is essential!

The key to making your wardrobe work is getting to know it before an event. This will ensure you won’t be stranded at the last minute with the same old look.

3. What are your top tips for dressing for your shape if you’re pear-shaped:

For all the pear-shaped women, keeping the bulk and focus off your lower area is important. You need to bring the eye up and not around your hips. So avoid belts, pockets on hips, pleats and any thick fabrics or loud prints.

…if you’re flat-chested:

It’s important to build up your neckline. Create detail by wearing higher necklines, pockets create volume on the bust and ruffles and rouching will definitely flatter.

…if you’re skinny

You are fortunate enough to wear more bulk which includes pretty pleats and thicker fabrics. These women can often wear prints quite well and tops that are floaty can work beautifully.

…if you’re short:

For those that are height-challenged, like myself, single colors work for a plain silhouette. Wearing jackets and tops into the hipbone will elongate us unless you are able to compensate with a heel. Avoid 3/4 pants and cuffs on your pants as these will cut you down even further.

4. Australian women tend to wear a lot of black. How can you introduce colour into your wardrobe without feeling like a clown?

A great start is to understand and know what colors suit you personally. If you’re not sure, try and add elements of colour into your black wardrobes initially with the use of accessories and layering items. So shoes, belts, scarves, jackets or cardigans,

Try: A black dress and an orange shoe or a black jacket and have color peeping through underneath.

Also be sure not to wear bright color against your face unless you absolutely know you can. This means it needs to compliment your skin tone and hair/eye colour, otherwise you will disappear and all that people will see is your outfit.

5. What’s a great outfit for the office that makes you look professional yet stylish?

If you are after a stylish yet professional look in the office try tweaking your outfit a bit. So by adding a patent or colored belt on the outside of your jacket, you can enhance your waist and feature something on-trend.

You can even try rolling back the cuff of your jacket into the elbow as this can give the impression of a more relaxed look particularly if you have lovely lining in the jacket.

Skip the boring black heel and try a nude or coloured court shoe heel or a shoe featuring a buckle or a bow to soften the office tailored look.

6. What are some of your favourite labels and designers?

Where do I begin?! I love Alannah Hill, Thurley, Fleur Wood, Natasha Gan, Little Joe, Jack & Jack and Collette Dinnigan.

7. What are you looking forward to wearing this spring and summer?

I love summer and I love feminine trends like maxi dresses as well as off the shoulder soft, floaty dresses. I am planning to wear some brighter wedges this season as well as purchasing some nude heels. I won’t be wearing any brights on the upper part of my body but I will definitely be accessorising with some pop colour in cuffs and bright clutches. I am also looking forward to wearing lots of soft natural tones.

Cindy Newstead is a leading Melbourne personal styling expert and Director and Owner of Cinz, an organisation committed to the development of personal and professional empowerment through customised style consultation. She believes that fashionable style is not restricted to those with big wardrobe budgets or on-trend fashion devotees but is enjoyable and achievable for everyone.

Cindy has extensive industry experience aligned with over 10 years dedicated to changing the lives of thousands of women and men through personal consultation and group workshops. A mother of four, as well as a stepmother of four, Cindy has a demanding lifestyle and can well appreciate the logistics and expense involved with raising a family, juggling a career and the many relationships that align with these activities – all the while managing to still look great. This lifestyle has assisted her to personally connect and understand her client’s requirements on a deeper level than “just fashion.” For more information visit cinz.com.au.

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