What Women Want: Australia’s Biggest Ever Beauty Poll

September 27, 2012

What do Aussie women want from beauty and skincare? Olay has just conducted Australia’s biggest ever beauty poll to find out our beauty spending habits, attitudes to cosmetic surgery and more – and the results are surprising! Here’s what Australian women said about beauty today:

Looking Good

• Most Australian women (84%) are motivated to look good for themselves

• However, Gen Y is most likely to be motivated to look good for the benefit of, or to impress, other people such as
their partner, colleagues or girlfriends

Wearing Make-Up

• 69% of Australian wear make-up at least once a week but surprisingly, only 36% wear it every day and a further 9% do
not wear make-up at all

• Almost half of Australian women who wear make-up (46%) admit they do not always remove their make-up before
going to bed

Beauty Spending Habits

• Those buying skin care products are spending an average of $27 per month, the equivalent of $175 million across
Australia per month

• The majority of women (57%) admit to buying a skin care product just because it is new to the market

Big Beauty Claims

• Nearly half of women (48%) rarely or never believe the claims made about skin care products

• Most women (60%) say that skincare brands only occasionally live up to the claims and 20% have never noticed the
results that a skincare brand says they can expect

• Only 15% of women believe that anti-ageing products do the job they are supposed to do

Cosmetic Surgery

• Over 1 million Australian women have had a cosmetic procedure such as face lift, botox, collagen, chemical peel,
micro-dermabrasion or laser skin re-surfacing. This represents 17% of all women, more than double the figure of 7%
observed in the last Olay Beauty Poll conducted in 2006

• The majority of those trying to fight the signs of ageing (63%) would consider undergoing a procedure in the future

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