What You Need To Know About Natural Makeup

July 25, 2011

What You Need To Know About Natural Makeup
We hear so much about natural, organic and even vegan makeup. But what is it, and is it beneficial for your skin? SheSaid asks the gorgeous Ere Perez, founder of natural beauty brand Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics how to stay beautiful with natural makeup.

1. What are the benefits of natural makeup?

Every benefit you can imagine! Benefits to your skin for sure because it’s our biggest organ and pretty much anything you put on it goes into your body eventually so the more natural the better.

Also all of our makeup products are designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty and to be nourishing, not just pretty. They contain ingredients that will enhance and condition your skin and lashes, not just make them look good on the surface. The more natural the makeup, the more naturally beautiful you’ll look!

2. What is vegan and organic makeup?

Vegan is easy to define, because it’s essentially makeup that doesn’t contain anything that has been derived from animal matter. The only thing we use that doesn’t strictly conform to vegan is beeswax. We also use goat hair for our natural brushes, but we are certified cruelty free, which means that we use products that are harvested in a humane way – i.e. the goat hair comes from brushing, not cutting or clipping…they are very well groomed goats!

Organic is not so easy – it’s a very grey area. As is the whole issue with natural labelling. Anyone can put “natural” into their product titles, but there might be nothing natural about them, apart from being natural smelling…Also every country has different rules and regulations. We use organic ingredients sourced from Mexico. We use organic ingredients wherever possible and all of our ingredients are 100% naturally derived.

3. What are some of the ingredients that you use in your makeup, and how are they good for the skin?

Nature is the most wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and everything your skin and body needs to be in great condition. We base most of our makeup on plant oils and extracts such as Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Carrot oil, Macadamia and Rosehip. Most of the oils are great sources of Vitamin E for conditioning and then things like jojoba are great for their soothing qualities. Almond oil and Aloe vera, which we use in our mascaras, are very gentle and great for people with skin sensitivities. Rosehip’s a great conditioner, protector and healer, so perfect for use in lipsticks.

4. What are your favourite products for a fresh, polished look?

We have a few great multi–purpose products which are brilliant for taking with you for an instant pick up. I love to just use my mascara – natural almond oil and maybe the Clear Aloe Vera mascara for my brows, then Natural Carrot Balm for my cheeks and lips – these are fabulous because they’re waterproof so you can wear them anywhere, but they’re super nourishing.

If I want a bit of shine for the evening, I love our Natural Vanilla Highlighter…great for highlighting cheekbones, brow bones and eye lids. It gives a bit of a pout on top of your lippie as well. I keep one in the car for emergencies. If I’ve gone out with no makeup on at all, this is a great product just give a bit of gloss and polish!

5. You have beautiful skin – can you describe your skincare routine?

Truly I just try to be as natural as possible. I don’t put crap on my face! I drink lots of water in the morning to flush out the toxins – usually I try to drink 1 litre an hour before I have my breakfast and I exercise by walking or swimming as much as I can. The fresh air is a great beauty secret! I only ever use natural makeup and skin products.

I do a weekly olive oil treatment to my hair and I make most of my face scrubs and tonics from ingredients in my kitchen cupboard like eggs, oats, oils, teas etc. There really is no need for using chemical and synthetic products, when you can easily get old of fabulous teas (great toners), plants and oils from the supermarket or health store. It’s fun making your own facials too.

Are you a fan of natural, organic or vegan makeup? Which brands have you tried?

Visit ereperez.com to view and purchase Ere’s range of natural makeup.

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