What your answers say about your career requirements

January 24, 2006

What your answers say about your career requirements
Situation 1. Job satisfaction vs. salary
A. You place job satisfaction way ahead of salary. Keep this in mind when setting your career goals to ensure that you choose goals and goal related tasks that will allow you to work towards complete job satisfaction.
B. You believe that job satisfaction is important but you are also mindful of how important it is to earn a good income. This means that job satisfaction is important to you but it does not necessarily need to be your primary focus when setting goals.
C. You are a smart operator who is clearly very concerned about achieving your earning potential. Keep this in mind when setting your goals by ensuring that you set goals that will help you rather than hinder you from achieving this objective.

Situation 2. Work/Life balance vs. career promotion opportunities
A. You are totally committed to winning career promotion opportunities and to working your way to the top. With this sort of commitment you can afford to set high goals. Just be sure that you break each goal down into smaller workable tasks so that nothing can hold you back.
B. You are conscientious and probably very good at what you do but you are not prepared to give up your life to win a promotion. Keep this in mind when setting goals by ensuring that you are pushing yourself. Don?t forget to work towards the goals that will really make you happy in the long term.
C. You value work/life balance far more highly than promotion opportunities. This is a great quality but you need to be very careful how your passion for maintaining work/life balance could be viewed by management and team members. Consider setting goals around image, relationships and time management so that you can achieve your career goals and still maintain your work/life balance.

3. Structure and stability vs. opportunity to influence
A. You are very positive, energetic and full of ideas. For this reason it would be a great idea for you to look at setting goals around areas that will help you to build influence, communicate effectively at all levels really make things happen!
B. You are a cautious person that would thrive working in structured work environment where you are given clear guidelines to work within. When setting your goals keep this in mind. If you want to get out of your comfort zone to get ahead do so gradually for best results.
C. You are not a person who likes uncertainly. For this reason it would be a good idea for you to set goals that will allow you to achieve security. Job security, financial security and personal security.

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