What’s Your Decollet-Age: Top Signs of Ageing

Felicia Sapountzis

Did you know that some of the first signs of ageing aren’t technically on your face? The decolletage is often over-looked and can carry the strain of endless exposure to the sun (sans SPF) and simply not receiving enough hydration from your moisturiser.

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According to an independent survey conducted by Australian anti-ageing skincare brand, Wrinkles Schminkles, 70 per cent of women over 35 had signs of ageing on their chests and 84 per cent failed to apply sunscreen to their chests before heading out into the sun.

“Almost half of Australian women wear sunscreen on their faces regularly, but the delicate and often exposed décolletage area is still not registering for most,” said Gabrielle Requena, founder of Wrinkles Schminkles, a company specialising in a range of wrinkle relieving medical grade silicone pads for the chest, décolletage, neck and face.

“It’s interesting that despite the regret so many women felt about not taking care of their décolletages in their 20s, very few are making any additional effort today.

“Our survey also told us that chest wrinkles and lines are not a problem exclusive to women in their 50s and 60s, with 59 per cent of respondents between 35 and 39 already noticing signs of ageing on their chest and décolletage,” she said.

Requena cautions that prevention is always better than cure, but for the 38 per cent of women over 35 already feeling self-conscious about their décolletage lines and wrinkles, her range of Wrinkles Schminkles stick-on silicone pads provide a non invasive solution that reduces a woman’s “decollet-age,” literally overnight.

“I created the range after beginning to notice fine lines and wrinkles on my own chest,” said Requena. “While there are countless lotions and potions for the face, I found there was a distinct lack of simple, practical treatments available for the chest and décolletage that actually worked.”

Protect your skin by regularly applying SPF before entering the sun, moisturising both morning and night with a hydrating formula and always using an upwards motion to prevent signs of premature ageing.

What's Your Decollet-Age - Top Signs of Ageing

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