What’s Your Gifting Personality?

May 6, 2014
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Have you ever noticed how your best friend always seems to get you that perfect birthday present – something she probably spent months scheming – or that your Dad shows his love with expensive gadgets? Etsy, the world’s handmade marketplace and one-stop-shop for all of life’s gifting occasions, studied Australians’ gift giving habits and uncovered four gifting personalities: The Big Spender, The Thrifty Giver, The Planner, and The Surpriser.

The Big Spender: People who like to buy expensive gifts for family and friends. They are more likely to be male, 25-34 years old. While Big Spenders like splashing out on gifts, they don’t expect costly gifts in return. Bonus! Big Spenders like to dig deep into their pockets and are more likely to splash out on presents the recipient wouldn’t normally buy themselves and which show fine craftsmanship, like jewellery, wood or leather goods, and artwork.  

Big Spender gift guide

The Thrifty Giver: The most popular gifting personality (41%), Thrifty Givers feel it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to give a great gift. They are likely to plan ahead and spend time thinking about the recipient’s personality, hobbies and interests.

Thrifty Giver gift guide

The Planner: The second most popular gifting personality (37%), these gifters put the most time and effort into finding just the right gifts. Planners give themselves lots of shopping time, with more than a quarter (27%) buying gifts at least a month in advance. Planners are thoughtful buyers, who keep their ear to the ground in the lead up to the occasion. They’re more likely to favour gifts that are practical, or something the recipient has mentioned in passing or specifically asked for.

Planner gift guide

The Surpriser: This group of gift givers like to surprise friends and family with gifts ‘just because’. Nearly a quarter of Surprisers also agree that ‘just because’ gifts are a big factor for thoughtfulness (23%). Spontaneous by nature, Surprisers will favour gifts from the heart over practical ones. They’re likely to purchase gifts related to the recipient’s hobby, interests or a shared passion – probably while shopping for themselves!  

Surpriser gift guide

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