What’s hot in hair colour?

March 25, 2010

They say a change is as good as a holiday! As we move into winter here’s how you can glam up your hair at home thanks to Goldwell Guest Artist, Laura Macleod, Director of Color Education for Sublime.

1. What hair colours are hot this autumn/winter?

“For autumn/winter 2010 colour is going to be really alive with cherry reds and violet hues for our darker clients and for our blondes we will see more golden tones with lots of dimension with the use of pastel tones of peach and lavender.”

2. How can you work out which colour suits you best?

“Lifestyle is the most important factor when it comes to considering what hair colour suits you best.Low maintenance clients are best suited to the Goldwell colourance range which gives amazing shine and versatility.If you are wanting to work with your natural colour the Triflective range is perfect for you as it is a multidimensional colour that works with your own colour to give amazing results.For tones and depths it’s best to speak to your colour tecnician as they can give you specific advice on what’s going to suit your eyecolour, skin tone and hair type.”

3. What are your top DIY hair colour tips?

“I would always recommend seeing a professional for any colour service however to maintain your colour at home Goldwell Soft Colour is a great tool to keep your colour fresh at home. It can be matched to your salon colour so there is no guess work and it’s easy to use.”

4. What benefits does DIY colour have over salon colour?

“We would always recommend to consult with a professional before attempting anything at home, whilst cost and time can be factors that contribute to DIY you can end up spending alot more time and money at the salon if something goes wrong.”

5. Which celebrity hair colours are most sought after?

“For our more natural looking blondes Jennifer Aniston and Jen Hawkins are always popular and with the request of copper tones increasing Isla Fischer pictures are popping up more and more.”

6. What innovations have there been in hair colour recently?

“Recently colour is becoming more multi dimensional and with Goldwell’s introduction of two new colour ranges (Triflectives and the Colour Zoom
Range) means you can see more tone, shimmer and movement in the hair,gone are the days of flat solid colour. Also as the demand for mens colour has increased Goldwell have developed a new range called Men’s Reshade it blends their greys in 5mins with amazing results.”

7. Anything to add?

“Coming into winter it’s a perfect time for a colour change so head into your hairdresser and have a consultation on what great new shade you could be wearing this season.”

Photo credits:
Hair: Paula Kelly – Sublime Hairdressing Salons
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Make Up: Kylie O’Toole
Stylist: Emma Cotterill

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