What’s in store at Seduce?

April 27, 2010

Need a new outfit for Saturday night? How about something sleek, shiny and sexy from Seduce?

(left) Strike a Pose Cable Knit top $149.95 RRP
(right) Create a Scene Double Breasted Coat $239.95 RRP

(left) Thrill of the Chase Kaftan Top $199.95 RRP
Palazzo Pintuck Pant $159.95 RRP
(middle) Wild Card Kimono Wrap Dress $239.95 RRP
(right) Fringe Benefits Fringing Dress $259.95 RRP

(left) Lady Luck Zipper dress $139.95 RRP
(middle) Urban Fox Zebra Stripe Fur Jacket $239.95 RRP
(right) Up the Ante Leather Jacket $399.95 and Play Your Cards Right Dress $239.95

(left) Millionaire’s Club Sequin Shoulder Dress $189.95 RRP
(right) Millionaire’s Club Bustiere Dress $339.95 RRP

STOCKIST 02 9517 8888 // www.seduce.com.au

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Win a brand new Audi
Win a brand new Audi