What’s Paulini been up to lately?

August 13, 2009

Australia’s favourite soul diva, Paulini, sat down with us to chat about music, men and where she gets her hair done.

So tell us a bit about Ladies of Jazz…

“The whole show is a tribute to women of jazz. So we’ll be singing songs from Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, all the big names. I’m singing with Christine Anu, Grace Knight and Monica Trapaga which for me is a huge honour. I have learnt so much from them. I can’t wait to do the rest of the show. They are amazing ladies. The audience have been great, they really appreciate the music. The whole show is funny. Anyone can speak at any time and it is a comedy act as well as a musical one.”

Do you have a favourite song you sing?

“My favourite song is “At Last”. Just before I start singing I think “Please Lord let them like my version of it. The first time I sung that is on Idol when I got voted out. I just love the song, it’s one of a kind with a great melody.”

Do you still keep in touch with people from Idol?

“Yeah, absolutely! I am watching the new one. I still see a lot of the old Idol crew. I still keep in touch with Guy, Shannon, Emily and Jessica Mauboy. We catch up when we are in the same place but everyone is so busy.”

You have done some amazing things since Idol, what sticks out in your mind?

“The AFL grand final was amazing because of all the people there. I also did an in store appearance and Russell Crowe performed at it. I was a bit star-struck. I have also done some amazing charity events which I really enjoy and believe in.”

Do you enjoy the touring part of it?

“I love it! It’s the best bit. It’s much better performing live than being stuck in a studio. You thrive off the feedback of the crowd. It’s so exciting and you end a show on such a high that you have to go out for a few drinks afterwards so you can calm down and get to bed.”

What can we expect from you third solo album?

“This album is a contemporary pop album and it is about the experiences I have had and all the things that made me stronger. I have built up a more constant strength to say when I don’t want to do something. I used to just do what I was told. I have co-written every song for it. Everyone song is a bit of me so I am taking more time on it, I want it to be right. It’s going to be my first real album.”

What have you learnt about yourself in the last few years?

“Well, I used to say yes to everything and I did not have a lot of control over my music. But over the last few years my confidence has grown a lot. I used to always be worried about what other people thought but now I am so much more secure and content with myself, I am happy with myself rather than trying to make everyone else happy. You have your ups and downs but you don’t have to stay down there, you can get up and keep going. The amazing thing is how you can endure the hard stuff. I am happy I went through some things because they have made me stronger.”

Are you in a relationship at the moment?”

“No. I’m just enjoying myself at the moment and finding out who I am. A few years ago I was thinking “Oh I have to have a boyfriend,” but now I am all about knowing who I am.”

You always have such great hair, where do you get it done?

“Ha ha ha, I get it done in Leichardt, Sydney. My hairdresser’s name is Giovanni and it’s called Luscious Locks.”

Do you have any favourite fashion brands?

“I love Ed Hardy, Nicola Finetti and Camilla Franks – her kaftans are gorgeous!”

Ladies of Jazz – Starring Christine Anu, Grace Knight, Monica Trapaga & Paulini will return in October 2009 for a series of concerts, paying homage to the iconic artists of Jazz & Blues music.

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