What’s your biggest turn-off?

March 15, 2010

Image from “Gossip Girl”

Joss Stone says bad breath is her biggest turn-off in a man. What’s yours?

The 22-year-old singer – who is currently single – would never date a guy with bad breath and expects any potential suitors to have minty fresh mouths.

Joss – who previously dated Beau Dozier – said: “There’s nothing worse than bad breath. I’ve snogged people with bad breath who smelt of fags and beer and it made me feel sick.”

So Joss doesn’t like bad breath but we asked you what was your biggest turn-off in a man and here’s what you had to say!

“I can’t stand guys who talk about themselves the whole time and don’t ask me any questions or listen to what I have to say. I guess they call that vanity!” Hayley, 22

“I once dated a guy who had really long fingernails and it was so gross! I eventually broke up with him. Shallow, I know!” Penny, 28

“I will never go for a guy who is racist or who teases disabled people. I think it is the lowest form of low.” Leanne, 25

“I had an ex who used to snore and that did it for me. I never got any sleep!” Karli, 36

“My biggest turn-off is men who are obsessed with porn and who are crude or crass. I think men should be traditional, well-mannered and respectful.” Olivia, 34

“A friend of mine used to date this guy who smoked like a chimney. He had no consideration for anyone else and even used to smoke in the car – yuck!” Joselyn, 38

“I think a guy who didn’t like children or animals would be my biggest turn-off because I love both!”

So what turns you off men? Let us know!

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