When was my last Pap test?

July 1, 2003

When was my last Pap test?

Conventional Pap Smear
If you can’t remember when you had your last Pap test, it may not have been in the last two years. The fact is, you need regular Pap tests to know if you are at risk of developing cervical cancer. And the most effective way to treat cervical cancer is through early detection.

ThinPrep Pap Test Slide

That’s why you should ask your doctor for the ThinPrep? Pap Test?. Australian studies have shown that ThinPrep significantly increases the early detection of abnormal cervical cells compared with ordinary Pap smears. ?

Unlike the regular Pap smear, where more than 80% of the sample is discarded prior to testing, ? the ThinPrep Pap Test collects virtually 100% of the sample. This produces a representative sample and a clearer slide for a more accurate diagnosis, which can give you greater peace of mind for only a small additional cost.

References: 1. Roberts, et al. Medical Journal of Australia, November 1997. 2. Hutchinson ML, et al. Am J Clin Path. 101:215-219, 1994.

ThinPrep and the ThinPrep Pap Test are registered trademarks of CYTYC Corporation. For Distribution by Cytyc Australia. Part No. Intl. 85654-001 Rev. A ? 2000 Cytyc Corporation.


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