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Where have all the real men gone?

Where have all the real men gone?

Where have all the real men gone?

Have we gone too far? Have we asked for too much? Has all our nagging finally pushed our blokes over the edge into Nancyville?

It was recently announced that Ben Affleck (or, the on-again-off-again Mr J.Lo, to you) signed modeling contract with cosmetics giant L?Oreal. Yes, you read right. A bloke and a make up company!

Is this what we really envisaged when pleading for our men to be more clean cut? Did we really want our men to turn into s pretty boys that we have to elbow out of the way to get near the mirror in the morning? Do we only have ourselves to blame?

Don?t get me wrong. I?m not into total boof-headed Neanderthal. I don?t hang out at the local building site drooling over sweaty labourers (well, hardly ever) but I still reckon women of today want their man to be, well, manly. Why do you think all those TV lifestyle programs are packed with shirtless, hunky, muscle-bound tradesmen? For our visual gratification. And the only nails our spunky TV tradesman know a thing or two about, are the ones you use to hammer into the new decking out the back ? not the kind that have been buffed and shaped by the beautician!

Take my bloke, for instance. He opens doors for me, he wears aftershave (not all the time) and he compliments me if he thinks I look great. But, he also constantly leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor, ignores me whenever there is any sport on the telly, and loves a beer or six with his mates. He wouldn?t be caught dead exfoliating, cleansing or scrubbing his precious skin. He might even stretch his beauty regime to using a moisturiser after shaving if he is feeling really daring.

Aren?t men meant to be a bit stinky and rough around the edges? We all love a bit of a danger, a bit of a rough diamond. That?s why Carrie loves Mr Big, and Jake was always more spunky than Billy on Melrose Place?

Have we gone too far with our demands on modern man to please us women? Do we demand that our blokes know how to cook like Jamie Oliver, landscape the garden like Jamie Dury, make us laugh like Robin Williams and be as sexy as Brad Pitt? Not forgetting that we also want them to love dogs and children and be financially secure too. We don?t want much do we? Is it any wonder there are so many disillusioned single guys and girls out there?


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