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Where to meet guys

Where to meet guys

We recently asked you ‘Where’s the best place to meet guys?’ Here are our favourite suggestions for those SheSaid sisters on the prowl…Kelly: ‘The supermarket! Oops, sorry, I didnt mean to run into your trolley, silly me!’Wendy: ‘Definitely… without doubt… the Internet! I know a number of people with major success stories!’

Natalie: ‘At married friend’s dinner parties – they are always trying to set you up!’

Karina: ‘At the beach. If your both there, you obviously have at least one thing in common, love for the beach, and you get to see them without clothes!’

Suzie: ‘A cake shop around lunch time is the best place because spunky guys get hungry too.’

Olivia: ‘At the football. Most of the guys have hot bodies because they usually play footy themselves.’

Kymberley: ‘The best time is when you are not looking. That’s when you are at your most confident, when there is no stress to impress.’

Helen: ‘The annual Birdsville Races – the ratio of women to men is definately in our favour and it’s such a happy, fun outback atmosphere!’

Janna: ‘The laundromat – then you can check out if he separates his colours and whites and what type of undies he wears!’

Kathryn: ‘You can’t go past a cool bar. But that’s only if you are looking for a fling. For a serious guy never underestimate the friend of a friend.’

Brenda: ‘At Salsa classes! Yummy guys that know how to move, who will let you lead the way, and if it all doesn’t go to plan, you’re doing yourself a favour by shaping up your own bod!’

Lyndel: ‘Travel overseas. Everyone is in the same frame of independent mind – no everyday hassle… Easy!’

Frances: ‘Gotta be the butchers, honest to god, I’ve met two so far, a man loves a good steak and he’s always looking for someone to cook it for him!’

Angela: ‘Work – we spend so much time at work, there aren’t a lot of other options! At least we know they’re employed too!’

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