Which animal is your man?

November 1, 2005

Which animal is your man?

Have a look at these descriptions to match up your man with the animal, then check out Men as Animals to learn how to understand him.

The Lion: Average height with a strong compact body. A fresh clear skin: takes great pride in his hair. Eyes reflect the grave responsibilities he carries. Radiates leadership and ambition.

The Bear: Big and powerful, the centre of the universe wherever he goes. Large head with a high, noble brow. An easy familiar manner, radiating self-confidence.

The Eagle: Medium tall with thin legs and a tendency towards plumpness. A sensitive mouth, eyes that mist over when deep in thought. Highly intelligent, he?ll be talking about his job or hobby in a totally committed way.

The Snake: Often an olive complexion with dark curly hair, large lustrous eyes and high cheek bones. A prominent nose and chin. A tantalising indifference that either attracts or repels. Very sexy.

The Horse: Slightly built, nicely proportioned, alert eyes in an expressive face. Dresses elegantly. Exhibits great people skills alongside a high-spirited charm. A warm liquid voice and a lovely smile.

The Wolf: He?s lean, hard and fit. Dresses smartly, generally tall and rangy, a masculine tang about him. An air of old world gallantry. Underneath the ?I?m a loner? look you sense his fun, sparkle and creative energy.

The Tiger: Often tall with clear lightly tanned skin and healthy looking hair. Brilliant eyes and an easy smile. Invariably the most popular guy in the room.

The Peacock: Oval eyes emit a powerful energy. Jovial and fluent. Full lips, maybe thinning hair. A big dramatic show-off; energetic and creative. An extrovert, bold, outspoken and optimistic.

The Ram: A distinctive nose, luxuriant hair, good built, vigorous, dynamic, virile, impulsive. A whirlwind of testosterone, enthusiasm and charisma with a direct aggressive approach.

The Monkey: Trim, with good shoulders. An expressive face with bright alert eyes. Radiates nervous energy. Affectionate, generous, mischievous. Great fun to be with.

The Rat: Slightly built, narrow face, dark eyes. A high pitched voice. Neat, orderly bright, fluent, assesses people quickly. Intelligent, cunning and resourseful. A hardworking, family-first man.

The Ox: Strong shoulders on a powerful body. Dark hair, sensual lips, deepset eye, a persevering practical loyal slogger. Radiates calmness and quiet strength? a man at ease in his skin.

The Dog: A strong compact body, an air of decency, of caring. A serious demeanour along with a gentle, considerate manner. A truly good many you?ll decide first off.

Men As Animals is written as a romantic novel involving relationships and love affairs between very exciting people. In the same genre as The Da Vinci Code, it centres on proving a theory via an adventurous quest amidst glamorous surroundings in Paris, Venice, the Aegean Island of Kos and Fortelaza in the Amazon jungle.

Visit the websitewww.menasanimals.com to learn more about the book. Orders can be placed through the website, or by telephoning 1800 102 103.

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