Who is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor?

April 20, 2004

Who is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor?

The desirable Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck has been named Hollywood’s most eligible man according to a new survey in US magazine In Touch Weekly. Glamorous ex-lovers Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow claim it’s Ben’s high income that’s the main reason for his desirability. George Clooney came in second, ahead of Starsky and Hutch‘s Owen Wilson, Friends star David Schwimmer, Gary Dourdan, Benjamin McKenzie and the puffy one, Sean Coombes. Sexy Jude Law came in at number eight while bad bo Colin Farrell placed nine with the king of the Lord of the Rings, the darkly handsome – and single – Viggo Mortensen completing the top ten. Yummo!

Posh will soon be sporting diamonds
Diamonds – a Spice Girl’s best friend?
If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Victoria Beckham will have no shortage of sparkling amigos on her 30th birthday this weekend, thanks to her SMS-loving footballer husband David Beckham. Despite the fact the glamorous couple are embroiled in a juicy infidelity scandal that risks ruining their marriage, David is determined to shower his wife with diamonds for her 30th birthday. Or could this be the act of a guilty man trying to win his way back into his wife’s good books? The Real Madrid player has spent more than a million pounds on a rare ten-carat pink diamond ring for her, splashing out even more cash for a pair of matching earrings. “He wanted the best diamonds in the world, and that’s what he got,” said an insider of the Asprey dazzler. Apparently David has picked out yet another pricey bauble for Posh, a handmade $500,000 eternity ring created by an exclusive Spanish jeweller. Inscribed with “I will love you forever”, the sparkler also features five gorgeous diamonds. “We were really surprised when Beckham came to us, but he has very good taste and was very specific,” said the Madrid jewellery house. “To receive a gift like that makes Victoria a very lucky woman.” Don’t know if Posh would describe herself as lucky at the moment!

Cam & Justin
Diaz and Timberlake – big screen co-stars?
Hot celebrity couple Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are apparently so desperate to star together in the same movie, the actress has asked her Charlie’s Angels pal Drew Barrymore to find a suitable script for their co-starring endeavours. Diaz, 31, was so impressed with her beau’s acting skills on the set of his debut movie Edison, she’s now sought the advice of producer Barrymore. A close friend of the couple says, “Cameron has spoken to Drew as a friend and because she’s such a hot shot producer. Justin has really impressed Cameron with his keenness to get into film, and they both said how great it would be to do something together. Drew thinks it’s a great idea and she’s promised to help.” Let’s hope that the pair’s movie debut doesn’t earn them a Golden Raspberry like fellow-lovers-turned-co-stars. Acting together did wonders for J-Lo and Ben in the atrocious Gigli. And Madonna‘s made some terrible pics with both of her husbands – Shanghai Surprise with ex Sean Penn and the mega flop Swept Away with Guy Ritchie. Eww!

Julia Roberts
Pretty Woman desperate for baby
Julia Roberts wants a baby so badly with husband Danny Moder, that she is looking at alternative ways to have children after reportedly exhausting all other methods including undergoing IVF treatment. According to London Evening Standard, the actress revealed she cannot conceive a child naturally, and that is why the 36-year-old is looking at alternatives including using a surrogate mother and adoption. A friend said: “She seemingly has everything in the world. She’s the number one female film star, her fans adore her and her husband adores her. She has the pick of films. But she doesn’t have the one thing she wants most – children.The friend added: “Danny said, “‘We’ve always said we are going to have a family one way or the other. Now we are just going to try the other”.’ Seems like money can’t buy everything for this Pretty Woman.

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