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Who is Rance?

Who is Rance?

Who is Rance?

Owen Wilson?
Who, exactly, is “Rance?” is the question all of Hollywood is asking. Some believe he is Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey or even George Clooney? He or she leaves snippets of gossip about Hollywood through an anonymous website. The site has found a cult following quicker than a J-Lo marriage, as the first web logs started appearing in December last year. Is it all a hoax or is this really an insiders look through the eyes of a genuine, bona-fida, ridgy dige A list Hollywood celebrity? In the blog’s first-ever post last December, Rance introduced himself this way: “Suffice it to say I know what it?s like to see your picture on the magazine rack every now and again when you pay for groceries.” Rance?s diary has tongues wagging from coast to coast in the US with speculation rife as to the real identity of ?Rance?. But none of this seems to be bothering ?Rance? who seems untroubled by the storm in a teacup his identity has caused in Hollywood and beyond. “The guessing game distracts from any message I might have,” he told Reuters.

Or is it George?
Anonymous Gossip Diary has Hollywood Hooked
The mysterious scribe went on to say “Then again, I’m not yet sure I have a message and in any case the amusement makes it all worth it. More than once I’ve seen items that upon first glance suggested the game might be up and I felt my stomach plummet.” He rambles, with varying degrees of wit, about all that makes Hollywood less than wholesome: the pitches, the parties, the back-stabbing, the illicit sex, the bitching, all the things that us mere mortals love to read about! Watch this space to see if this is a well played hoax or one of the Hollywood elite finally letting us know what goes in the rarified world of celebrities, parties, drugs and of course sex!

Not as stylish as her hubby
Posh ditched by US mag
Victoria Beckham is said to be rather upset at not being included in the cover shot with her husband for Vanity Fair. Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz specifically chose to snap David Beckham on his own in her cover shot. According to sources, David has plenty of pulling power with the fashion set in the States. He may not be known for his soccer skills yet, however he was voted one of Vanity Fair?s best dressed men last year. Posh doesn?t have quite the same kudos. According to the Mirror, she was hoping to appear on the July cover of the mag to boost the couple as a brand in America. Sounds like she is just riding on his coat tails to me…

Short bites
Madonna is making a film about a true story of a British girl who sold her virginity on the net. No word whether Mads wants to play the 18-year-old star…Sex and the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker is trading her Manolo Blahniks jelly thongs as the pitchwoman for The Gap…Tennis star Serena Williams has admitted that men are afraid to date her because of her confident nature. But the 22-year-old Wimbledon star says she has no plans to change. ?I can?t see myself rolling over for any man,? she says. You go girl!

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