Who wants Britney’s spat out gum?

August 31, 2004

Who wants Britney’s spat out gum?

Ew ew ew
Proof that you can sell anything on Ebay ? Britney Spears? chewing gum is being auctioned on the site. “It has not been touched since it was in Britney’s mouth. It is completely preserved. This is a chance to own a piece of pop history, right from the mouth of the pop princess herself.” The discarded gum had to be withdrawn from Ebay as the site realised the sale contravened its Human Body Parts and Remains policy as it boasted it contained Britney?s DNA. EBay told the Daily Mirror: “The main selling point was the DNA which is not allowed.” After the reference to DNA was removed, the auction was allowed to continue running. It is currently at ?359.00 and will run until September 5.

Not looking happy in her Harvard sweater
Britney has no brains?
Meanwhile, the star was reportedly reduced to tears after being heckled in newsagency visit in Santa Monica. Three men reportedly yelled abuse about her fianc? Kevin Fedeline, saying “Where’s your leech boyfriend?” Brits was wearing a Harvard University jumper, and one of the men asked why she was wearing “when she has no brains.” Witnesses told the Sun that ?she bright red and it looked as if she was crying.” Remember Britney – sticks and stones may break your bones…

Happy now – Kim Cattrall
Kim pays cabbie $10 thousand
Phew it pays to be honest. Kim Cattrall was devastated recently when an assistant left her lap top in the back seat of a taxi. Rumours state that it contained details of a book about Sex and the City. A source told the Daily Star that “It made Kim’s day when this taxi driver turned up with it.” So as a thankyou, Kim rewarded the cabbie with a cheque for 10 thousand US dollars. Not that she?s short of a quid – the 48-year-old actor is the new star of a $7 million advertising campaign for Tetley tea.

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Win a brand new Audi