Throwback Thursday: Who Was The Most Annoying Celeb Of 2005?

October 30, 2014
Cruise, Tom & Holmes, Katie

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been nominated for a swag of awards. Tom was shortlisted for the Worst Actor Razzie for his role in War of the Worlds and Katie was nominated for her supporting role in Batman Begins. The Worst Picture category is also competitive: what’s the worst between House of Wax, Dukes of Hazzard, Son of the Mask, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalow and Dirty Love? Other stars who have been nominated include Will Ferrell for his role in Bewitched, Jessica Alba for Fantastic Four and Into the Blue and Jennifer Lopez for Monster In Law. Halle Berry actually attended the awards last year and graciously accepted her Worst Actress Razzie for her role in Wonder Woman, so let’s hope one of these stars realise their foibles and turn up! The new category for the awards is the Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets category. Nominees include ‘Tom and Katie: Oprah Winfrey’s Couch, The Eiffel Tower & “Tom’s Baby”, Tom Cruise: Anti-Psychiatry Rant, Paris Hilton and Whoever?, Mr & Mrs Britney, their baby and their camcorder and The Simpsons: Ashlee, Jessica and Nick. Tough competition. Who do you think will win?

Katie’s baby fears

As the big day approaches, it has been revealed that Katie Holmes is getting more and more anxious about the birth of her first child. She is roughly seven months pregnant, but the young actress is afraid she?ll give birth to a premature baby, like her mum did. One friend said: “Katie’s mom went into labour with her almost two months early. Katie was only four pounds at birth and it was touch-and-go for several days before doctors determined that she was going to make it. She seems desperately afraid that the same thing could happen to her!”

Sienna in the arms of co-star

Sienna Miller is reportedly seeking consolation after her break-up with Jude Law with her Factory Girl co-star Hayden Christensen. Apparently the pair have been getting closer during filming and their attraction for each other became obvious at the recent cast party in Louisiana. According to one witness, there was an impromptu Karaoke session and the pair were singing to each other: “The party was just getting going when someone brought out the restaurants karaoke player – Sienna was on it in a flash. She started jokily serenading Hayden before begging him to join her on stage – and it wasn’t long before he complied. They’d had a fair few drinks by this time and their flirting was obvious to everyone.” According to others, their mutual attraction has been obvious for some time: “Everybody has been talking about it for a while and after the cast party they were acting like more than good friends.? Meanwhile, it seems she didn’t impress another of her co-stars. Jeremy Irons starred with her in new release Casanova and said Sienna?s acting performance isn?t particularly impressive. “It doesn’t bear much examination,” he said. “Sweet, but inexperienced.” Wow, what a way to promote a movie, Jeremy!

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