Who’s your office soulmate answers

February 28, 2006

Who’s your office soulmate answers
Mainly A’s ? You’re the office Cosmic Girl.

Mainly B’s ? You’re the office Princess

Mainly C’s ? You’re the office Queen of Ambition.

Mainly D’s You’re the office Nice Girl

Cosmic Girl
Cosmic girl needs to marry a strong sporty type, a work husband so down to earth, they have pies every day for lunch. Boofhead (as he’s affectionately known) balances Cosmic Girl’s tendencies to daydream over horoscopes, and gets her to go to the touch footy game every Thursday. While it’s true love at the office, they’ll never, ever fraternise outside of work. They’re quite literally not on the same planet. What’s in it for him? She makes him look soulful.
Celebrity Cosmic Boofhead combos
James Mathison and Andrew G (James may not be a girl, but he’s very cosmic. And Andrew may look like a girl, but he’s a great amateur surfer))
Fryzie and Bree (Friday night games)

Miss Office Princess
Office Princesses perfect work husband is the office Rough Diamond: his earthy honesty is a great foil to her high-heeled glamour, and he camouflages her tendency to leave the office on deadline because a designer sample sale’s just been announced! Even if Office Princess is super smart ? and she usually is ? she tends to get underestimated. This loyal work husband will point out the ?real her? to everyone who’ll listen, and because they’ve got so much integrity, well, your reputation soars, as does your pay packet. What’s in it for him? She makes him look sophisticated (and he thinks she’s hilarious)
Celebrity Princess/Diamond combos
Sonia Kruger and Daryl Somers
Jessica Rowe and Ron Wilson (recently divorced)

Ms Ambitious
If you’re determined to make it to the top, it’s super important you learn to hang with a Goofball to soften your ruthless image. Goofballs make people laugh, and thus have swarms of friends. Because they’re not ambitious, and they’re never intimidated, they’re always friends with super-powerful types. Their super funny self-deprecation will make you look human, and help you make actual friends, so that the stress of being an overachiever won’t kill you. Who knows? Before you know it you may even have something else to do on Sunday apart from work! What’s in it for him? There’s a reason he doesn’t have to show up till 10.30am, you know…
Celebrity Ambitious Goofball combos
Gretel Killeen and Mike Goldman (Big Brother)
Kylie Minogue and former stylist William Baker (divorced)
Marcia Hines and Mark Holden

Ms Nice Girl
Nice girls do get ahead ? but they can be their own worst enemy. So they get ahead a whole lot faster when they hook up with Super Smart guy. Nice girl softens his edges, and makes him laugh ? in exchange, he’ll coach you through your pay rise interview, tell you how great you are, point out your skills and give you the occasional brilliant idea. Hey, he’s got a million of them. So he gets to feel magnaminous.
Nice n’ Smart Celeb combos
Mel and Kochie (Sunrise)
Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell
Jillian and Bob (trainers, Australia’s Biggest Loser. He’s the Nice Girl.)

One last word. Never, ever marry your work husband. And never ever turn your actual husband into your work husband… Just think Nick and Jessica!

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