The Rise Of Average Women Turning To The Soft Sex Industry For Work

April 23, 2019

You don’t have to be a prostitute or a porn star to earn money from sex.

Women all over the world are taking odd-end jobs to make ends meet.

Some babysit or tutor for extra cash. Some wait tables to put themselves through college. And some dabble into the vastly growing community of the internet’s ‘soft sex’ industry, because it’s a surprisingly viable option.

This line of work is not for everyone; hell, it’s not for most people, but can’t that be said about lots of jobs? Here’s a few outside-the-box ways women are generating income through the soft sex industry…

Selling panties online


You know Piper’s panty selling business on Orange Is The New Black? Well, that’s a real thing.

Women are selling their panties on specialty sites like pantydeal.com and myusedpantystore.com. Craigslist and Reddit are now offering this service as well. After creating a profile and uploading a few (optional) pics, you, too, can be a panty-saleswoman and sell the pile of panties on your floor for $25 a pair. But like the rest of the business world, the real money comes in when you put some work into giving the customer what they want. Customers can request a myriad of options, and if you’re up for it, you can make over $100 a pair. Customers often want to see pics of the model wearing the panties and, um, using them, too. Discharge? Check. Skid marks? Check. Worn for 48 hours straight? Check. Ran in them for an hour? Check.

“Yes, I’m basically letting anonymous fetishists pay my student loans. I’m not exactly proud of it, but I’m certainly not ashamed. The way I see it, it isn’t any more exploitative than having to work at Taco Bell until 4a.m. every night to put myself through college”. –Tara*

Setting up webcams


A cam girl is someone who hosts a digital party through a video chat room. She wears (or doesn’t wear) whatever she wants and she does (or doesn’t do) whatever she wants to earn tokens that get transferred through PayPal as cold hard cash. Customers log on to sites like crazylivecams.com or vegascamgirls.com after purchasing in-site tokens. They can request the cam girl to do or say certain things while she tells them how much it will cost. This can be anything from masturbating on camera while a group of strangers watch, or sitting in the privacy of her own room reading a book while one loyal customer watches. Some may wonder why anyone would pay for a service like this when porn is free, and the main reason is that most porn isn’t interactive. Porn stars don’t typically talk to the viewer and use their own name (whether real or fake) while performing an act the viewer paid them to do.

On average, cam girls earn anywhere from $300 to $1,000 a day. Some even earn up to $60,000 a day. Making this kind of money does come with risk, though. Many cam girls now only accept payments of Visa or Amazon gift cards to avoid bank fraud. The risks aren’t purely financial; some girls have skipped reading the fine print before signing their contracts and found sessions of theirs being sold as a promotional material for porn sites or put on a DVD.

“I don’t plan on doing this forever; however, it’s how I survive right now. It’s how I keep clothes on my back and food in the fridge. Plus, I haven’t quite figured out what I want to be when I grow up yet. And I may never figure it out. But one thing I refuse to do is feel less than or hard on myself because I’ve chosen a non-traditional career path for the time being. I’m still learning a lot about myself, and my hope is to teach women like me that it’s okay to not fit society’s standard of what beauty is, as long as you are kind to yourself as well as others.” –@christyoncam

Our editor Nadia interviews a sex worker on how – and why – she got into the business of selling sex…

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Selling phone sex 


Anything goes when it comes to phone sex…as long as you’re 18. And I mean anything. To bottom line it, phone sex operators are essentially actresses hired to assist the caller to climax. While the operator can say “no” at any time, that also means they’re saying no to making money. Rape, murder, incest, and more are all on the conversational table, though there’s different rating levels for calls.

Dialogue for PG calls is much tamer than dialogue for X-rated calls. For example, a PG call might sound like: “My nipples are erect” versus an X-Rated call: “Your hard cock makes me gush. Mmm…deeper! Fuck me harder!”

Getting paid to sext is a thing, too. Sexters can work from their own phone (using a third party app to block phone numbers) or they can log on to sites like extralunchmoney.com or sextpanther.com and sext from their computers. Like phone sex operators, they’re adopting a persona for the duration of the conversation. MILFS, BBWS, and cougars are common requests. Sexters are paid either per text (two to five cents) or by the hour ($5 to $10 for a novice, or $20 to $30 for advanced).

“I answer calls at my own discretion; if I feel uncomfortable, I have the right to say “no” and hang up. Not to mention, there’s a droll sense of empowerment in making $2.00 a minute just to have a phone conversation.” –Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro


The women who enter into careers in the ‘soft sex’ industry are not sluts. They are not gross. They are not trashy. They are actually some pretty kick-ass businesswomen. They are simply doing what they have to do to make money, often taking pride in their hard work and entrepreneurial skills. Like all successful businesses, understanding the customer is a big part of this line of work. These women are listening to what the customer wants, accommodating their requests in order to establish a professional relationship, and following up with them to ensure repeat transactions.

I can’t help but wish I’d known about this lucrative business when I was a struggling college student myself. I spent 10 years as a waitress and a bartender. I stood on my feet for eight to 10 hours a night making $2.13 an hour, plus tips. I knew the less I wore and the more I flirted, the more cash I’d make. I’d get home at 3a.m. and count piles of singles that added up to anywhere from $50 to $500. I’d think about how I had to act and the shit I had to put up with to make that money while I treated myself to nice things like new shoes or vacations with friends. Part of me would smile, part of me would cringe. Selling panties on the internet, talking to strangers about sex, or masturbating on camera sounds less degrading and way more empowering than slinging beers and flirting with assholes for $1 (if they even tipped at all).

While these jobs are often deemed taboo by society, there’s a definite culture that celebrates the soft sex industry. For example, CamCon is an annual convention in South Beach that brings together camgirls, NSFW Instagram stars, and their fans. Events like this promote acknowledgement and acceptance, shining a light on what used to be a dark industry. I relate to these women; I celebrate them. The more these women can be recognized, the less they’ll be stigmatized.

*Name changed. Images via tumblr.com.

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