Bonnie Anderson’s New Song Just Dropped, And It’s Legit

February 25, 2016

Gurl’s going to own 2016 and beyond. 

The first time the world laid eyes on Bonnie Anderson, she was still in pigtails, singing her heart out on the first season of Australia’s Got Talent (AGT). I still remember sitting in my PJs, secretly idolizing her, as I watched her perform on my TV screen. Fast forward almost 10 years, and Anderson is shining brighter than ever.

Dropping her new music video today, The Ones I Love, Anderson’s vocals are explosive, the lyrics sincere and the beat invigorating – there’s no doubt it will be an instant success. I’ve already added it to my workout playlist. When I mention this to Anderson, she gives me a big smile.

“After the chorus drops and the beat comes in I always feel like I’m running through a jungle. I love that you love it.”

However when we begin to discuss the different aspects of the track, the singer-songwriter explains how she hopes to connect with her audience on a more personal level.


“The message that I’m bringing out there is to love each other and make sure that we all spend quality time with those people. The lyrics definitely have a deeper side to them and the song itself is fun, so I hope each person can connect to it in a different way. I was inspired to write it when I’d just moved away from home.”

And the brunette bombshell has much more going on than just her music. To coincide with the release of The Ones I Love, Anderson teamed up with Maybelline New York and their makeup director, Nigel Stanislaus, to create a unique look specifically for the brand’s new Leather Collection.

“Maybelline came to me and it was so exciting because I’ve always loved them, they’re a fantastic brand. Their new Leather Collection is really cool and something I connected with, I normally always have a little bit of leather on and my closet is full of black.”

And she’s not lying. Sitting in front of me, the beauty is channelling a glam Black Widow. Wearing dark denim, a mesh black tee, killer heels and tying it all together with a Lair leather Hendrix belt, I can’t keep my eyes off her. It’s hard to believe she was once the talented little school girl I so wanted to be.

“During that time [AGT] I learnt to write songs, I learnt to play gigs – whether it be to two people or to two thousand – and gain the experience and the knowledge I needed. I took it all in like a sponge. It made me grow stronger as an artist and a person.”

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All that preparation seems to have paid off. Her past three singles have all been a success, with her 2014 hit Blackout reaching Platinum status. But more importantly, the time away from the spotlight since AGT allowed Anderson to develop emotionally and build her own identity, one which she has a fierce desire to retain in this often superficial industry.

“As with any profession in life, whether you’re a singer or a teacher, people always try to make you into something that you may or may not be. I think I’m pretty upfront with who I am as a person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am honest with who I am.”

So where to now?

“I’m pretty excited about 2016. I love that I know my niche and I’ve found my sound. It really feels like it fits me at the moment. I pinch myself everyday because I get to do what I love. You know when you’re writing something good because you can feel it. When you play, people have their hands in the air and everything feels just right.”

Well guess what, Bonnie? Me and my pre-teen, pajama-clad self both have our hands in the air.

Check out The Ones I Love below. And prepare to have it on repeat in your iPod…

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