Why Diets Suck! (cont’d)

December 1, 2001

What is your new book about?

So many diets come out in spring or summer as that is when most people start to think of the beach, and losing that layer of winter cover, that I have underneath the DIETS SUCK heading, “don’t get ready for summer, get ready for LIFE”. Its simply a way of eating that you need to do for a period of 8 weeks (as this is the period that fat loss is seen at) thus motivating you by result instead of hope. It provides the education allowing you to have a better idea of how your body works and how that food (or fuel) impacts on the perceived result that you are after ie: (fat loss / performance)Can you give us an example of what you would suggest a person to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner with grazing tips as well?

Breakfast – cereal (low sugar content) / egg white omelette / protein energy shake / baked beans on toast

Lunch – chicken and salad / miso soup / Wrap with salad and some lean meat / fish and salad / sushi

Dinner – Lean protein source (fish/chicken/steak/veal etc) with vegetables or salad (1-2 nights per week – rice or pasta dishes)

Snacks – Tuna sachet and low fat cottage cheese / handful of cashews or almonds / low sugar protein bars / low sugar protein shakes


  • Learn how to read nutrition labels
  • Drink 10 cups of water
  • Use energy bars sparingly as they are normally loaded up with sugar
  • Remember fruit is also carbohydrate
  • Limit alcohol – body cant store it! 

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