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Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love

Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love

Book Review:Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love

Allan and Barbara Pease pull apart both men and women’s attitudes to sex and love and explain why they differ. Using the latest brain scan research, statistics and developments in physiology the Peases translate the science to give you an amazing insight into a subject that bewilders most – SEX!

Sex is like air: it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any. And the international bestselling authors Allan & Barbara Pease focus their insight and wit on this, the most important, yet often most frustrating and confusing part of any loving relationship.

In this practical, humorous and easy-to-read guide Allan and Barbara help the reader discover the truth about their partner – or future partners. And most importantly, they translate the science into a highly entertaining read then teach you what you can do about it! This is a must-have book for anyone who wants to get the most from their relationship. It provides the answers both men and women are desperate to learn.

See below from Chapter 3 “What Women Really Want”

“A woman wants to be reassured every day that she is loved and adored, and she needs his words and intimacy as proof. Showing appreciation of anything a woman does in the home is also decoded as an expression of love, and love implies a man will share his resources with her. In divorce cases, women regularly say that men take them for granted and never show appreciation of their efforts in the home. This is because a man feels that his efforts of being the main breadwinner (as most men still are), fixing broken things around the home, solving problems or changing light bulbs are sufficient proof of his appreciation and love.”

“Women believe that if a man really loves a woman, he should show it every day with his words and actions. This is a difficult concept for a man to grasp because he shows the expression of his love by “doing things for her”.
“The man’s brain is organised to measure his self-worth and contribution by what he does or achieves, not by what he says or feels.”

Does this sound like your relationship? Is it realistic to be reassured every day that you are loved and adored? Tell us what you think.

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