Why Rally Driving is Romantic?

October 28, 2003

If you got dumped with having to organise the Christmas party, but are keen to crack on to that sexy single client of yours, did you know that organising something that makes his adrenalin race could make him putty in your hands?According to an American psychology magazine, whether your office outing involves kite surfing (and you get to see him in boardies!), dusting up a storm on a rally driving day, or anything else energetic ? if it makes his heart pump faster, it could make it pump faster for you!

According to an article in Psychology Today called (‘Adrenalin Makes the Heart Grow Fonder’ by Elaine Walster and Ellen Berscheid, the pair found that to “love passionately, a person must first by physically aroused, a condition manifested by palpitations of the heart, nervous tremor, flushing and accelerated breathing.

“Once he is so aroused,” said Walster and Berscheid, “all that remains is for him to identify this complex of feelings as passionate love. If he should meet an unusually desirable woman while he is in this state, he is likely to be more intensely drawn to her than he would be in normal circumstance.”

So forget the chip and dip routine ? and book something adventurous that?ll help propel your office romance!

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