Why My Single Life Is Way Better Than Your Boring Relationship

March 3, 2017
why its better to be single

Single life has its perks.

I’ve been in the single-but-dating category for the past two years.

Although I’m happy with my relationship status, I do catch myself pining over the fact I don’t have someone in my life. It’s not like I want to settle down and get married straight away, but sometimes it can suck to go to bed by yourself or constantly cook a meal for one.

With Valentine’s Day just gone and being oh-so-single, I found myself reflecting on previous relationships and thinking about ghosts of boyfriends past. From ex-boyfriends who were terrible in bed to fuckboys who screwed me around, I had a giggle that thankfully I didn’t have to put up with that again.

The thing about being single is, you mightn’t have someone, but the upside is you have access to almost anyone you desire… And that’s when I reframed how I thought about being single and came to the conclusion I actually have it a lot better than people stuck in boring relationships. Here’s why single life tops coupled up life, every time…

1. You can give zero fucks about anyone else

Relationships should be based on give and take, but it means someone always has to compromise. The upside when you’re single? You only have to answer to yourself! Don’t feel like shaving your vah-jay-jay for a month? S’all good, you can throw out all your razors and even your underwear if you want. It’s not like your vibrator is going to complain.

2. You aren’t tied down to one dick

When you’re single and have a particular itch that needs scratching, you can easily flick through your phone and pick the best candidate for your dick appointment. Sometimes we’re feeling a little lazy, and other times we’re feeling adventurous in the bedroom – and this means we can choose the right dick to do the job, guilt-free.

3. You can work on being the best version of you

We grow the best as the person, excel at work and get shit done when we’re single. Not only do we have the time to discover just about everything we like, but we can do so without being entangled in a relationship. From finding out what gets you off (how good is masturbating!) to actually taking the time to discover where we want to go in life, being single allows you to reach your full potential without anything holding you back.

4. You can always treat yourself

Every day is a treat yo’self day when you’re single. You’re not tied to anyone else, so it’s the perfect time to start dating yourself and indulging in all the gifts you’d expect in a committed relationship. You can easily splurge on that new sex toy to give yourself multiple orgasms or even decide to take yourself away for the weekend. When you’re single, it’s the perfect time to spoil yourself with the excuse of ‘self-care’.

5. You can be spontaneous

Being single means you can go on a three-day margarita bender with the girls, lose your phone and shave your head 2007 Britney style without having to explain yourself. You can easily be spontaneous without ever needing to check in with anyone else; except potentially your boss!

6. You can date your friends

We’re all guilty of getting into a relationship and being in the boy bubble where we forget about our friends. Yet our girlfriends are usually with us for a lot longer than the fleeting relationships we have with men these days. When you’re single it’s the perfect time to nurture the relationships you have with your girlfriends; and potentially buy them a few drinks in thanks for listening to all your breakup drama.

7. You can make fuck eyes with your barista

Like choosing which dick you want this week, you can also choose who you want to date. You can arrange a date with the ease of an app or even flirt with the man making your coffee and ask him out for drinks later. Flirting with whomever and random dates are the parts of the single fun we can have. So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go chase some D now.

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