Why water is so good for you!

February 18, 2010
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We all know water is good for us but it doesn’t come much more pure than Noble’s Pureau. Check out the facts here.

• Noble’s Pureau’s purpose is to help people achieve better health by drinking truly pure water.

• Noble’s Pureau is the only Australian water that is 100% guaranteed to be completely free of all impurities including chlorine, bacteria, sodium (salt), fluoride, pesticides and other inorganic minerals.

• Because of Pureau’s purity, the water is clean and fresh-tasting. Many drinkers comment that it is the “best-tasting” water in Australia.

• Pureau’s water is the result of the “Pureau Process” – a unique three-stage filtration method that removes all impurities present in water.

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• The Pureau Process is one of the most advanced water filtration systems in the world. No treatment chemicals are used during the Pureau Process.

• An independent laboratory tests the water daily to ensure its purity. This testing is why Pureau is able to guarantee the purity of its water.

• Because of the sophisticated nature of the Pureau Process, no home filtration system can deliver the level of purity that Pureau offers its drinkers.

• Many doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths recommend that their patients drink Pureau as an alternative to tap or other bottled water.

• Many pregnant and breast-feeding women drink Pureau as it’s the only water that 100% guarantees to be completely free of bacteria and other impurities found in tap, spring or filtered water.

• Pureau was launched 20 years ago. It is one of the oldest packaged water companies in Australia and has a large group of loyal drinkers who are passionate about the brand.

• Pureau is owned by Noble Beverages, an Australian company based in St Marys, Sydney.

• Pureau comes in environmentally friendly 5 and 10 litre casks along with 600ml and 2 litre bottles.

• No BPA (Bisphenol-A) is used in Pureau’s packaging.

• Pureau is a national grocery brand and is available in all Coles, Woolworths, Franklins, IGAs, Foodland and selected health food stores.

• Pureau helps its drinkers achieve “peace of mind” that the water they’re drinking is the purest and best-tasting water available in Australia.

More information on Pureau is available on its website at: www.noblebeverages.com

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