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Book Review : Wife for Hire

Book Review : Wife for Hire

Wife for Hire

Dianne Blacklock

Pan Macmillan ($30)

Don’t you just love novels that make you laugh out loud? Be warned this book will!

Wife for Hire is a fun look at the age-old role of being a good wife. Samantha Driscoll thought she was being the perfect wife, mother and housekeeper until her husband Jeff left her. Finding herself on her own with three children and a mortgage after sixteen years of marriage, Sam is faced to do some serious soul searching. With the help of her family and friends, it dawns on Sam that the skills she has learned during her marriage could be the very thing that saves her. (That and the copious amounts of wine being consumed!) Sam becomes a ‘Wife for Hire’ for busy executives acting as a personal shopper, holiday planner, social organiser, hired help and, most importantly, a personal confidante. Follow Sam’s journey of self-discovery as she endeavours to find her own identity, instead of hiding, as she has for the past 16 years, behind the mask of motherhood and the mask of matrimony. The catalyst to this realisation is Hal Buchanan, a client that doesn’t even seem to need her services. That’s when things start to get really tricky!

You’ll identify with many of the genuine and original characters in this book. Wife for Hire is full of humour about real relationships, pride, forgiveness and most of all, love. This is Dianne Blacklock’s second novel. She lives in Sydney and is another fab Australian author to keep an eye on…

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