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March 24, 2016

Plastic Surgery Guide To Abdominoplasty

If your tummy isn’t as flat as you would like for it to be, you may have considered having abdominoplasty, or as it’s commonly called, a tummy tuck. While having this surgery can definitely improve the way you look in tight jeans or a swimsuit, don’t expect miracles. Here’s a realistic guide to abdominoplasty.

What a tummy tuck can do

Abdominoplasty can remove excess skin and fat as well as repairing stretched-out muscles resulting from pregnancy, ageing, weight fluctuations or heredity fat deposits. A tummy tuck can give you a smoother, flatter abdomen.

What a tummy tuck can’t do

While tummy tuck surgery can remove some stretch marks, it can’t get rid of all of them.

Abdominoplasty is not the lazy woman’s shortcut to weight loss. For the best results, the patient should already be at a healthy and stable weight before undergoing the surgery. If you’re planning to get pregnant in the future, this surgery should be postponed until afterwards.

Have realistic expectations

If you look at all those flattering photos in ads for plastic surgeons, you’d think that you could emerge from your abdominoplasty with the toned, flawless tummy of a swimsuit model. You need to have realistic expectations and your cosmetic surgeon should talk you through them.

The abdominoplasty procedure

There will be one incision made between the pubic line and the navel that will leave a scar at the bikini line. If you have a large amount of excess skin and fat, another incision will be necessary around the navel in order to reposition it higher on your abdomen. This is also likely to leave a scar.

Abdominoplasty cost

In Australia, a tummy tuck can cost from $6,000-$10,000. None of that will be covered by insurance unless your doctor considers it medically necessary to repair a condition like an abdominal hernia.

Down time after abdominoplasty

The average down time following a tummy tuck (or before you can drive and go back to work or other moderate activity) is 10 to 14 days. Full physical activity like exercise is permitted after six weeks.

Liposuction and other surgery

In some cases, abdominal liposuction can be more successful than a tummy tuck, so speak to your cosmetic surgeon about both options and which, if any, are best for you.

If you are considering getting other cosmetic surgeries like a breast reduction, these can sometimes be performed at the same time as a tummy tuck. Discuss your plan with a plastic surgeon.

Would you consider getting a tummy tuck?

August 6, 2013

Helen Mirren’s Blunt Advice To Young Women

We didn’t think we could love Dame Helen Mirren more than we do, but now she has given some brilliantly candid advice to her hypothetical daughter – and we want to give her a high five.

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Mirren, 67, spoke out about female empowerment and the need for women to speak up for themselves.

“If I’d had children and had a girl, the first words I would have taught her would have been ‘f*** off’ because we weren’t brought up ever to say that to anyone, were we?

“And it’s quite valuable to have the courage and the confidence  to say, ‘No, f*** off, leave me  alone, thank you very much.’ You see, I couldn’t help saying ‘Thank you very much,’ I just couldn’t help myself.”

Bravo! It might be blunt, but Mirren’s words are something we should hear more of.

The actress also spoke about being a female in the film industry, describing what it was like when she started out.

“The 60s were not great, the 70s were really crap; the  60s and 70s were pretty ghastly,  I think.

“And into the 80s, as an actress, you would be the only female on set, apart from the continuity person, who was always a woman, and maybe your own personal wardrobe person. Otherwise it was completely male, and a particular kind of testosteroney male that was quite hard to deal with.

“You had to have a sense of humour, put your head down, you were never going to be one of the boys, if you know what I mean.”

What do you think of Helen Mirren’s advice for women?

July 23, 2013

Win a Stainless Steel Kitchen Package

Legend benchtop blender

Sunbeam and Kraft have teamed up with to bring you this sensational food-lovers competition. You can win one of two deluxe, stainless steel kitchen appliance packages from Sunbeam plus your very own copy of the Kraft Heavenly Moments cookbook!Sunbeam Cafe Series kitchen appliance packs

We have two prize packs each containing a Sunbeam Legend benchtop blender, Stainless Professional Wok, Stainless Deep Fryer and Sunbeam Cafe Grill, plus a copy of The Kraft Heavenly Moments cookbook (total value approximately $650.00 each).

The Sunbeam Legend benchtop blender

Sunbeam has blended classic and contemporary design to create a timeless kitchen essential – the Sunbeam Legend

Stainless Professional Wok

benchtop blender. Even crushing ice is a breeze with its unique stainless steel quad-blade system and specially designed Pulse setting for superior ice crushing. Elegant design and heavy duty power makes preparing anything from soups, smoothies, dips and sauces to desserts and cocktails a breeze.The stylish and functional Sunbeam Legend is available from department stores and electrical retailers nationally.

RRP: $159.95

The Sunbeam Stainless Professional Wok

Surely Australia’s hottest wok, this baby is sure to fire-up stir-fry lovers looking for the ultimate in kitchen equipment. The Stainless Professional Wok includes a 25-year guarantee on its stainless cooking surface and is extremely versatile,

Stainless Deep Fryer

equipped with steaming and tempura racks and a glass lid with steam vent. What’s more, the dishwasher-safe design makes it simple to maintain the sparkle of this innovative wok.The Sunbeam Stainless Professional Wok from Sunbeam is available from department stores and electrical retailers nationally.

RRP: around $199.95

The Sunbeam Stainless Deep Fryer

Create your own fish and chips, tempura or wontons with the new commercial-style Stainless Deep Fryer. Its well-designed stainless steel body and cooking vessel ensures longevity, and blends in easily with the modern kitchen. A two-level safety lowering basket and easy to clean parts make the Sunbeam Stainless Deep

Sunbeam Cafe Grill

an experience you may leave your local takeaway for.The Stainless Deep Fryer from Sunbeam is available from department stores and electrical retailers nationally

RRP $159.95

Sunbeam Cafe Grill

Create your own gourmet-toasted snacks at home with authentic grill marks. The cafe-design floating hinge will accommodate any kind of toasted snack, from a gourmet grilled vegetarian focaccia to chicken wraps or the old

Kraft Heavenly Moments

toasted cheese sandwich. The Kraft Heavenly Moments cookbook

Featuring over 75 recipes from some of Australia’s cutting-edge chefs and the team at Kraft Kitchens, Heavenly Moments is a tribute to the versatility of Philly cheese. From brunch to dessert and everything in between, and featuring gorgeous colour photographs, Heavenly Moments is a must for your culinary bookshelf.

Enter now…

October 15, 2002

Have you got a note from your Mummy?

It takes a special kind of person to be able to come up with a great excuse for not being at work these days. A note from home just doesn’t cut it any more.If you’re one of those people whose excuse repertoire hasn’t progressed much from the old ‘The dog ate my homework’ number from childhood, then we suggest you pay the Nurofen Excuse Generator a visit. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

Create the best excuse you can using this too-cool-for-school tool and email it to us. If we like it we just might give you a designer SheSaid Golf Umbrella. Not exactly the day off you were after but you’ll be the picture of style sporting this must have brolly. Oh, it’ll keep the rain off you too!

Give us your best excuse…

Click here to use the Nurofen Excuse Generator…

July 31, 2002

Low Fat Foods Competition Aanswers

Low fat and fun – what other time in your life is it legal to enjoy such voyuerism? No eating, exercising and sex – still great!!!Definitely low- fat & fun and something to be done with your best mates and a bottle of vino! and even in your pj’s!

Reality TV is plastic cheese slices. Over-packaged, numerous additives to make it healthy, but still slimy and not at all real.

It’s full of fat, avoid it, eventually it will make you look like a big, fat, couch potato (with heaps of cheese & sour cream!!!)

Reality TV is low-fat and fun because it allows you to be “Tempted” without “Big Brother” watching and you still Survive!!

stodgy and to avoid! I have enough problems of my own, with out watching other people lose their dignity by broadcasting theirs on national TV!

Reality TV is absolutely awesome. You get to see all the live crusty drama. Fantastic for all us in the closet voyeurs.


July 16, 2002

Sara Norris Entry

Home Entertainment SystemCongratulations to Sarah from all of us at SheSaid and Total DVD.Sarah designed a SheSaid video cover with her number 1 film on the front and the rest on the back. We think it?s fantastic!!!!

May 21, 2002

World Food Indonesia Winners

World Food Indonesia winnersQuestion – Tell us the scariest thing you’ve ever eaten…

“Sea slugs at a Chinese wedding!”

“I once ate whiskettes (cat biscuits)that my sweet

brother had stuffed in the bottom of an icecream cone he made me. Alarm

bells should have sounded when he offered to do something nice…”

“i reckon that liquid plastic cheese they use in the US is

pretty scary stuff.”

“When I was in Indonesia, I ate bull’s balls without even

knowing it! They were all veiny and gross!!!”

“Fresh duck’s blood pudding with chillies, fried peanuts, hot

basil and lemon juice.”

World Food Greece winners

Question –Tell us about the most fattening dish you have ever eaten…

“Deep Fried Castello Cheese – yyyyyyuuuuuummmmmm but I could

feel the arteries hardening!!!!”

“It would havt to be a dish made by my boyfriends

grandmother, called German Fried Potatos. All it consists of is a kilo of

potatos, bacon and a kilo of butter.”

“I cooked a romantic candle light dinner for my

husband -seafood in a cream sauce – I put on 3 stone- I think it was the

dessert that did it(I ended up pregnant!)”

“My Hungarian Mum used to make “rokot palacinta”, which is

stacked,filled pancakes.They are sliced like a gateau.Between every single,

flat pancake [and Mum stacked at least 25 of them] she would spread

chocolate cream, walnuts, jam, whipped cream, nutella etc.It was delicious,

tasted fattening and was indeed a billion calories.”

“I ate a bread called Langos in a town called Szentendre in

Hungary, which was basically a lump of dough thrown in a voiling tub of oil

and allowed to cook and absorb it until it expanded to about twice its size.

To make it perfectly calorie laden it was topped with cheese, I couldn’t get

the taste of oil out of my mouth for 2 days.”

May 14, 2002

SheSaid Happy Mother’s Day

WIN your Mum some fab prizes from SheSaidFor the gourmet Mum

Does your Mum go weak at the knees for Jamie Oliver?s lovable-geezer-in-the-kitchen type antics? Or maybe she?s more of a double-dipping, taste as we go cook like Nigella Lawson

Luverly Jubbly

For your chance to win Mum a copy of “The Naked Chef in New York” tell us your favourite article from the Eat and Drink section on the SheSaid web site.

Good n Saucy

For your chance to win Mum a copy of “Nigella Bites 2” tell us your favourite article from the SheSaid Eat and Drink section on the SheSaid web site.

For the Mum that needs pampering

Is your Mum the kind of Mum who?s always looking after others but never seems to have time for herself? Could she do with a good pampering session but never

has the time (or money) to get out to the beauty salon? She?ll love this complete at home pamper pack from Nutrimetics.For your chance to win Mum a Nutrimetic pamper pack tell us your favourite beauty article from the Fashion and Beauty section on the SheSaid web site.

For the Mum who needs to escape

If you?re Mum is the kind who loves a good read, SheSaid has got just the thing to put a sparkle in her eye this Mother?s Day.

Tear Jerker

For your chance to win Mum a copy of “Chalktown” by Melinda Haynes as featured in Oprahs? Book Club tell us your favourite article from the Lovelife section on the SheSaid web site.

Self Help

For your chance to “win Mum a copy of Navigating Midlife ? women becoming themselves” by Robyn Vickers-Willis, a powerful, insightful book to ensure a smooth transition into the second half of her life, tell us your favourite article from the Lovelife section on the SheSaid web site.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

For your chance to win Mum a copy of “Love & War ? Stories of War Brides from the Great War to Vietnam” by Carol Fallows, amazing true stories against an incredible historical back drop, tell us your favourite article from the Lovelife section on the SheSaid web site.

Love and Romance

For your chance to win Mum a copy of “Heart of a Warrior” from the New York times best-selling author Johanna Lindsey, tell us your favourite article from the Lovelife section on the SheSaid web site.

April 24, 2002

Win – 2 for 1 tickets to see High Crimes

Cast: Ashley Judd, James Caviezel, Morgan Freeman and Amanda Peet.

Rating: TBC Running time: TBC

Genre: Drama

RELEASING: 02 MAY 2002 HIGH CRIMESA happily married, successful lawyer Claire Kubrick (Ashley Judd) is shocked to learn that her husband (Jim Caviezel) has a hidden past as a classified military operative and is accused of committing a heinous war crime.

Claire must wrestle with her own doubts about her husband’s guilt as she defends him in a top-secret military court where none of the rules she knows apply.

Claire realizes she needs help from someone who knows the rules – and is willing to break them. She enlists the aid of a “wild card”: Charlie Grimes(Morgan Freeman), a former military attorney who relishes the opportunity to take on the very hierarchy that disgraced him years earlier.

Enter Here To WIN a 2 for 1 pass to see High Crimes

April 16, 2002
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