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Wine For Cats Is Here And It’s Everything

Wine For Cats Is Here And It’s Everything

Cat lovers rejoice!

Dog people are everywhere, but cat people? We’re a rare and arguably more special breed.

We tend to be introverts whose idea of a perfect Saturday night is snuggling up with our furry pals under the blanket on the couch watching Netflix and drinking wine like it’s going out of style.

Our cat BFFs get us.

If only there was some way to share in the joy of slurping back a great drop of vino with them…

Apparently someone heard our prayers, because cat wine is now a thing, and it is, quite simply, EVERYTHING.


Feline snack beverage (yep, that’s a thing now) company, Apollo Peak, have introduced a range of cat wines to safely satisfy your furry BFF’s most indulgent cravings. The non-alcoholic, catnip-based wines are adorably labelled Pinot Meow and MosCATo and come in single tasting and full size bottles, packaged to look exactly like real wine.

Besides turning your cat BFF into your new drinking buddy, the cat wine range obviously provides an endless array of hilarious photo and cat meme opportunities, like these…

Yep, definitely time to stock up the home bar…

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