Winter Fitness Motivation

June 6, 2014
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The cold morning starts and even icier temperatures at night make a working out routine even more difficult to adhere to. Although this shouldn’t be an excuse to sit at home and hibernate. There are a bunch of different activities to alternate your fitness routine and still keep you in tip-top shape. Here are just a few tips to keep you motivated and healthy in winter.

Phone a friend

Bringing along a friend and participating in workout routines together will help to share the burden of working out alone. A partner will not only keep you more motivated, but will be able to push you past any limits or hesitations you may have throughout the way. You’re also less likely to cancel a session if the weather isn’t perfect, or you’re just too lazy to get moving.

Indoor sports

There are plenty of indoor sports you can be a part of if working out in the great outdoors has lost it’s appeal. Indoor soccer, tennis, cricket and beach volleyball are all popular sports which run all year round, and won’t let you freeze either.

Workout DVDs and videos

We’re not exactly telling you to invest in your own home-gym, but try to get a little creative with your workouts. There are plenty of DVDs and online videos which are available free of charge for anyone to use in their workouts, regardless of the day or time. All you really need is some free space and a stable internet connection. Blogilates offers free full-length POP pilates workouts, and fun bootcamp style exercises which will get you into shape straight from your own home.

Running outside

Yes, it’s completely safe to run in the cold, and will warm up your entire body in no time. In regards to clothing, the idea is to feel warm but not completely overheat in your workout clothes. A long sleeved shirt, jacket and leggings will work just fine in our winter. Start off with a light pre-run, this is essential to get the blood flowing throughout the body and could be achieved by simply jogging on the spot, or up and down the stairs.

Do you have any tips for working out in the wintertime?

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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