Winter Hair-Saving Remedies

July 20, 2015

How you care for your hair should vary between the seasons – in winter it should be all about rehydrating! Which is why we’ve put together some of the easiest winter hair saving remedies.

During winter we need to go into major damage control mode, with chilly temperatures causing hair strands to become fragile making them prone to splitting and breakage. To help combat this, the first step is to switch to shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, accompanied by nutrient-rich oil as a deep conditioning treatment or daily styling aid.

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Leaving the house with wet hair or constant exposure to heating indoors can also wreak havoc on your locks. In low temperatures wet hair can freeze (not completely, but just enough to increase the risk of breakage). The number one recommendation for this is to wear a hat when you’re outside to protect it from the elements. And to stop your hair from dehydrating in ducted heating, a dehumidifier or a large bowl of water in the corner of the room can counteract the effects of the heating.

Coloured hair is in a high-risk category and can be in the greatest need of some handy winter hair saving remedies during the colder months. Coloured hair is prone to fading in winter, especially red. Red hair usually fades quicker than other shades and this is especially the case at this time of year. However, some at home remedies can be the solution to this problem. Rinsing your hair with carrot juice can add a beautiful vibrancy and deepen the depth of your colour. Or for more of a purple-red, a beetroot rinse will work wonders!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, a little extra TLC goes a long way to protect your locks and nurture them back to manageable health.

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Make regular trips to the hairdressers

It may seem obvious, but people get busy and the hairdresser slowly gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. But, regular trims will keep split-ends at bay, while an at-home gloss will ensure your colour remains rich and your shine is mega-watt.

Take some prenatal vitamins

As it turns out, prenatal vitamins do more than just keep pregnant women the picture of perfect health, they also work wonders on your hair, skin and nails. Eating right and taking supplements are perfect for giving your hair an extra boost all year-round.

De-frizzing products

De-frizz products are a must for fending off unruly hair on rainy days.

Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

An intensely hydrating formula will nourish your hair without over-burdening with product. They will also protect your hair from drying out.

These simple steps are all you need to fend off the elements during the harsh winds, rain, and cold temperatures that hassle us during winter.

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