Winter Hair Care Tips

July 29, 2003

Winter hair wear

Is there no end to a girl’s hair dramas? It seems the minute we are finished with the summer humidity frizzies, that winter comes snapping at our heels bringing with it a whole new set of challenges.

Keep you hair in check this winter with these essential styling and care tips from one of the world’s leading hairdressers, Andrew Collinge.

moisturising shampoo & conditioner

Combat dryness

What most people don’t realise is that what hair really lacks in winter is moisture. Not only is the cooler winter air more drying and less humid, but we spend more time inside where heaters create a drier climate. The result – hair is dry, frizzy and loses its healthy look. Combat winter dryness with andrew collinge moisturising shampoo & conditioner. The super rich moisture balanced shampoo will cleanse and moisturise hair, whilst the rich conditioning formula of the moisturising conditioner will replenish lost moisture and re-hydrate for great condition and shine, without heaviness.

Curl up like Kate

For a head of tumbling curls like Kate Hudson, apply styling moussing gelle to towel-dried hair. Section the top half and twist into a bun at the crown. Do the same with the bottom half, securing the bun just below the top one, and allow to dry. Once dried remove pins and gently separate hair with the fingers. Scrunch through a small amount of andrew collinge shape up controlling wax for extra body and hold.

messed up moulding gum

My little pony

The ponytail is the ultimate style for winter – quick, easy and weather resistant. For a supersleek and elegant look pull hair into a low ponytail (a favourite of Jennifer Lopez) at the nape of the neck and secure. Remember texture and volume however are still the key for winter, so don’t let your ponytail hang limp. Dampen hair with water, work through a small amount of andrew collinge messed up moulding gum and use a hair dryer to create volumous tousled waves.


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