Winter Home Decor Ideas

June 13, 2013

Now that the cooler months have arrived, it’s the perfect time to get inspired by some new home decor ideas and give your home a winter makeover. Surrounding yourself with relaxing colours and warm home furnishings can help calm and soothe you – just what you need to unwind after a long day at work.

Melbourne’s Uni Hill Factory Outlet’s has a number of home decor ideas to help you liven up your space, without spending a fortune.

Stock up on candles

Candles will leave you feeling calm and can also make your bedroom smell amazing. Placing them around you room can bring life and warmth to the whole area, and choosing a scent you love can add a nice personal touch.

Unleash your inner gallery owner

Wall art, posters and photos are an easy and personal way to add some personality to your bedroom. Canvas paintings, large letters, fun shapes or pictures of your loved ones are a perfect way to add some personality to your bedroom. Decorative frames, canvas prints and funky letters are ideal for a mini makeover.

Vases are a great decorating tool

Vases, pots, bottles and other trinkets are a great decorating item and can add character to your space. Purchase a variety of different items and place them together for a shabby chic look, or add a colourful vase to a shelf that’s looking empty. Remember, you don’t always need to fill them with flowers – bright coloured or interestingly shaped containers can make a statement on their own.

Throw around some cushions

Cushions and throws are another great way to spruce up your room and give it a cosy feeling. This season it’s all about colours like aubergine purple, burnt orange, graphite grey, deep blues and chocolate browns. Match this to your bed linen, and team different textures together for an interesting look.

What are your best home decorating ideas for winter?

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