Winter movie reviews

July 26, 2005

Winter movie reviews

Any fan of the 1960?s television series Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York will have to be realistic in their expectations of this remake. The film will never be the series, nor is it trying to be. Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine star in this film about a Hollywood remake of the original television series. Ferrell plays Jack Wyatt, an almost washed up actor desperately in need of a hit to reignite his career. He signs on to play Darrin Stevens, the male lead in the remake of Bewitched and decides he needs an unknown leading lady to play Samantha so he can take on the starring role. Isabel Bigelow (Kidman) is a na?ve witch desperate to break free from the magical realm and begin her life as a person in the real world. Jack finds Isabel?s distinctive nose wiggle uncannily similar to Samantha?s, and before she knows it she is signed on to star in the television series. The film progresses in a reasonably predictable fashion, however it certainly doesn?t deserve the bad press it has received. The fact is: this film is entertaining and fun. Will Ferrell is hilarious as always and there are some delightful moments with Isabel?s father Nigel (Caine) and Endora (MacLaine). It won?t win any Oscars but it?s a perfect as a light romantic comedy.

IMAX – Adventures in Animation 3D
Anyone interested in the future of the film industry will love this movie. Adventures in Animation 3D introduces the concept of virtual actors ? incredibly lifelike 3D animations that may replace real actors. This film goes through how virtual actors, such as the cast of The Polar Express, were created through design, sculpture, painting and then movement direction. The virtual presenters also discuss the concept of a virtual actor and whether it is the future of performance. Soon our virtual actor ?Slim? is created and the film begins. We are taken into the world of a 1930?s boxing ring and Slim turns out to be an overzealous young boxer hoping to become the world champion. He believes his opposition to be another featherweight named Feathers, however a promoter changes the schedule and Slim is set to fight a giant heavyweight, Killer. The story is reasonably simple but the kids will love it and it gives us an opportunity to see this fascinating animation in action.

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