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Winter Reads

Winter Reads

The Facial Analysis Diet

Elizabeth Gibaud

Random HouseCelebrity nutritionist (Kate Winslet is apparently a big fan) Elizabeth Gibaud reveals the secrets behind Facial Analysis, a unique technique that can determine dietary needs, deficiencies and intolerances simply by looking at the lines, tone and texture of your face. Drawing on 30 years experience as a highly successful nutritionist, Elizabeth Gibaud shows how to determine which of her carefully devised eating plans is right for you.

Lines on forehead? Your diet is too rich and oily.

Open pores? This may mean there’s too much acid in your system.

Elizabeth takes the old adage ?you are what you eat? to the extreme. What does your face say about the food you consume?

How to Manage Your Mother

Alyce F Cleese

Random House

If there?s one relationship that most people need to work on, it?s the one with their mother. Affection. Embarrassment. Anger. Love. Your Mum can make you feel all these things, sometimes in the space of a few minutes. And it seems that no matter how together and successful we are as adults, sometimes all it takes is one word from Mum

a frustrated, scolded child.The question is, can mothers and adult children ever learn to set aside their earlier relationship and talk to each other as adults?

Alyce Faye Cleese and Brian Bates seem to think so and have gone to the trouble of writing a book on this very subject. Featuring dozens of revealing stories from well known personalities from politics and show business, the authors lift the lid on this most personal relationship, showing that is possible to improve your relationship with your mother – or at the very least begin to understand it.

It?s my party, and I?ll knit if I want to

Sharon Aris

Allen and Unwin

Funky urban women from coast to coast are getting down to the click clack of knitting needles and getting their cheap thrills at Lincraft or Spotlight of a Saturday. What a funny, thought provoking book! Here you?ll find patterns

knitting simple scarves and even cushion covers, plus your burning questions about knitting are all answered ? Is it OK to knit in public? Should I share needles?Yes. It?s true. Knitting is the new yoga. The repetitive stitching has a surprisingly Zen like quality ? and what?s more hand-made scarves as massive this season. But be warned, it?s seriously addictive.

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