Winter spa luxury

July 10, 2007

These cold dark nights provide the perfect opportunity to run a hot bath, light some scented candles, put on a relaxing CD and get away from it all in the privacy of your own home.

Indulge in some after bath treats with our heavenly body lotions.

1. Glasshouse Kakadu Candle – Water Lilly 
This is pure luxury. A 100 hour candle that is set in a stunning glass jar with a lid designed to be placed on the top between uses to maintain the candles optimum scent when relit. The candle has two wicks to enable efficient burning of the wax and releases an intoxicating scent of water lilly that fills the room. This is perfect for a self indulgent bath or to share with friends over tea. The perfect present for any occasion.
RRP: $30.00
Stockists: 02 9879 0745
Website: www.glasshousecandles.com.au

2. Palmolive Pure Cashmere Bath Creme
This moisturising bathe crème is enriched with extracts of 100% natural cashmere and moisturising cream, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and irresistible to touch. It softens the skin and hydrate as it cleans
RRP is $6.49 for 500ml
Website: www.colgate.com.au

3. Opulence Bouquet Rose and Hillcrest Candle in Glass Canister
Light one of these and enjoy as the delicate scent infuses the room banishing odours and imparting beautiful and relaxing floral notes. Packaged in a pretty little canister it makes a great gift or focus piece for the bedroom, bathroom or living room.
RRP: $11.95
Stockists: 1300 650 981.
Webiste: www.madiggan.com.au

4. Opulence Bouquet Rose & Hillcrest Bath Foam gel
This bath foam looks like pure glamour. Packaged in a handy pump bottle it can sit right next to the tap in your bath ready for use. The liquid is a gorgeous glittery gold in colour and is loaded with natural ingredients like wheat germ, honey and moisturising olive oil. Your skin will thank you.
RRP: $14.95 – 300ml
Stockists: 1300 650 981.
Website: www.madiggan.com.au

5. Kamasutra Mint Tree Bathing Gel
A wonderful mint gel that doesn’t just provide a great fragrance, but leaves skin feeling tingling and refreshed. Unlike many soaps and gels this product leaves skin quite smooth and moisturised. Created from a blend of ten naturally moisturising vegetable oils and Vitamin E-rich wheat germ.
RRP: $26.99 – 450ml
Stockists: 07 5577 3590
Visit www.sensuous.com.au

6. Bayonelle Lemongrass Pamper Pack
This cute little pamper pack included bubble bath, shower Gel, body butter and body scrub. The body moisturizer and bubble bath were great and all the products had a nice scent. Great for a gift – or for staying soft and smelling great while traveling.
RRP: $9.05
Stockists: www.bayonelle.com.au

7. Bayonelle Skin Salad Candle
Green Apple & Tropical Coconut
There are some fragrant candles on the market which smell great, but when lit provide little room fragrance. Skin Salad Candles are wonderfully fragrant from the first time you light them to the end of their days. Presented in cute tin pots they are great for around the bath or bathroom for an indulgent bath session. Perfect also for travelling to liven up your hotel room.
RRP: $5.95
Stockists: www.bayonelle.com.au

8 Bloom Brown sugar & Fig Wax bead candle
This gorgeous candle has a lot of small white wax beads sitting in a glass cup. It really is lovely when you light the wick and see the light glow through each little bead. A soft subtle scent of brown sugar and fig is released that is sweet and relaxing.
RRP: $20.00
Stockists: www.bloomcosmetics.com

9. L’Occitane Magnolia Scented Candle
We wondered if we might have found, just once, a L’Occitane product that disappoints – but yet again this one is divine. We immediately fell in love with this scented candle as it is not too strong and the Magnolia has been complimented by sandalwood and white musk, which is a rare treat. Lasts for ages too!
RRP: $34.95. (100g)
Stockists: 02.8912 3000.
Website: loccitane.com.au

10. Lush Butterfly Ball
This little ball provides the prettiest bath experience ever. Watch the ball as it fizzes around the tub leaving in its wake a trail of little purple flowers and staining the water a soft pink hue. Lean back and breathe in the smell of roses – it’s a real feeling of bliss. And get ready to smile when just as the ball fizzes out two little shiny butterflies are released, aaaah. What more could a girl want?
RRP: $5.95
Stockists: 1300 LUSH AU or order on-line at www.lush.com.au

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