5 Winter Sports To Join This Season

May 18, 2015
winter sports

I’m sure that doing exercise in winter is on the list of things that you really can’t be bothered to do; just like shaving your legs or painting your toenails. But exercising over the colder months is important to keep up your fitness levels and to keep your body healthy. Like your mum used to say: If you don’t move it, you lose it.

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During winter, it might be easier to ditch the gym and try a team sport that can keep your motivation levels up, not to mention it’s a bit more fun than watching yourself do squats in the mirror. We’ve sourced out some of the best winter activities for something different that won’t even feel like working out.


Between training nights and weekend games, there’s no doubt that soccer can keep you fit. It also takes out two days that you would otherwise be going to the gym and being bored. Joining a women’s or a mixed team would mean meeting new people and learning new skills while having fun. It’s even better if you’re a competitive person.


Get a group of the girls together and join a netball team, whether it be indoors or outdoors. It can be a weekly fun night or a weekend competition, but either way, you’re still moving about and enjoying yourself while getting fit. You’re also working on your hand eye coordination!

Dance Class

Jazz up your usual workout by taking on a dance class this winter. Hip hop, ballet or even performance acrobatics is a great way to keep fit during winter. Really enjoying your workouts will keep your motivation up and dancing is great to keep your body in shape. Plus, there are so many different styles to choose from so you can decide on something that suits.


You may not have played it since school, but OzTag – which is a little like touch footy – will have you keeping warm all night with heaps of running, sprinting and agility movements. You can choose to join a women’s or mixed team and it’s a fun way to work on your teamwork and coordination.

Snow Sports

Perhaps the most obvious of winter sports out there – although not all of us have access to it – but if you’re looking for something different, get your waterproof pants on and head down to the snow fields. Skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing are lots of fun and work your muscles in ways you would never dream. It’s a great alternative to keep you fit and is something you can enjoy with your partner and family.

Image via dundeewomensfestival.org.uk

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