Woman Live-Tweets Airplane Assault


She wasn’t planning to post his picture.

When Los Angeles-based performer Ariana Lenarsky boarded a flight in Austin, Texas on October 22, she didn’t expect to end up going viral on Twitter.

But when a fellow passenger groped her as she walked by, she took his picture and then turned to social media for advice on what to do.

Lenarsky wasn’t planning to post the photo at first, figuring she’d go through the proper channels and let the authorities deal with it. Things didn’t quite go as she hoped.

Fortunately, she was documenting the entire ordeal:

When she reported it to flight attendants, she found out she wasn’t the only woman on the plane who’d been groped by this particular passenger.

As she waited for the plane to land, Lenarsky tweeted that she was “depressed.” But once they landed, things got worse. And when authorities declined to do anything more than “give him a talking to,” she took matters into her own hands.

The alleged perv’s picture had more than 11,000 retweets and 15,000 likes as of this writing.

Lenarsky called the incident “exhausting, ridiculous, and embarrassing,” and says the Austin Police Department has since reached out to take a report and ask for the contact information of the officer who dealt with the original complaint. She also clarified that the “give him a talking to” and “not the crime of the century” remarks came from the FBI, not local authorities.

Thanks to the many recent allegations against Donald Trump, sexual assault has been making headlines recently – although its prevalence is hardly news to any woman on the planet. Lenarsky said she believes her actions have shed light on the frustrating and often ineffective process of reporting sexual assault.

Image via Twitter.