This Is How Women Are Feeling In The Wake Of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

October 8, 2018

The country has spoken; women do not matter in the United States. 

Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as a justice of the Supreme Court, despite being accused of sexual assault by three separate women, showing an inability to keep composed during the Senate hearing into one of these assaults and a subsequent four-day FBI investigation – in which neither he nor his accusor was interviewed.

To say this is a positive outcome for President Trump is an understatKavanaugh’sanaughs appointment is a major political win for the President, as he has delivered on one of his election promises and also leaves the Supreme Court with a conservative majority.

But for women and victims of sexual assault, the entire process from its victim-shaming start to this disappointing conclusion has been triggering, heartbreaking and yet totally unsurprising.

For survivors, it was crushing to witness Dr Christine Blasey-Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh be dismissed because she didn’t report it earlier, as they know that more people don’t report their assaults than do.

To hear the President state that these are scary times for men as they could face past accusations of assault was confusing because women have been scared of being sexually assaulted in almost all aspects of their lives for years.

And to see the genuine questions about what the implications of electing a man such as Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would be for women across the country be thrown aside as if they don’t matter is perhaps the most devastating outcome of all.

Across social media, women have been weighing in on how they feel now the dust is settling and Kavanaugh’s hand has been placed on the bible and he has been sworn in, and things are not looking good.

The feeling of defeat is evident, but not because – as some right-wing personalities see it – those on the left didn’t ‘get what they wanted’. The reason so many people, women, in particular, are expressing their heartbreak at the outcome of all of this is because it proves, yet again, that the United States doesn’t give a damn about the wellbeing and safety of women, and cares a whole lot about the reputation and advancement of rich, white men.

Here are some tweets summing up many of these feelings from women…

Comment: How do you feel now that Kavanaugh has been approved to be a Supreme Court Justice? 

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