Women in Finance (contd)

October 14, 2003

“The survey results indicate an attitude that pre-judges women and helps

maintain a glass ceiling at the executive level,” she said.”There is something real and palpable, even if invisible, which is keeping

proportionate numbers of women in Australia from reaching the highest

echelons of leadership.”

“I have a son who is in Year 6 and I juggle being a mother and a finance

professional by being extremely motivated, ruthless about balancing my life

with my work life and having a very supportive partner.

“I think a lot more could be done by business around working from home – and

not just for women with children. Working remotely will only become an

acceptable mode of work if everyone does it and people learn to manage a

remote workforce.”

“My advice to women wanting to succeed in the world of finance is to build

relationships with people, both within and outside your workplace. Also, be

creative with ways to maximise your productivity – use technology to work

while you commute or when at home and most of all – work smart,” Ms Keys


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