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These Women Matched Their Hair To Their Eye Makeup And It’s Magical

These Women Matched Their Hair To Their Eye Makeup And It’s Magical

We wish we could pull this off.

My grandmother used to always match her nail polish to her fave nude lipstick and I remember thinking it was very chic, but never adhered to that rule myself.

With an unlimited supply of makeup and nail products out there, choosing only one hue would be a bit boring, so instead, I mix and match whatever shades I like.

But after seeing numerous pictures of Instagram beauties matching their eye makeup to their bold rainbow hair, my interest in color-coordinated looks is officially reignited.

The 2017 version has little to do with my grandma, though. Neon pinks and pastel purples would not have been acceptable then, but they’re enviable AF now.

These amazing hair colors would be stunning on their own, but with their matching eye makeup looks, they become so good, it’s hard not to stop and stare…

1. This allover orange.

2. This fabulous fuchia.

3. This lovely lavender.

4. These rosey hues.

5. This crazy contrast.

6. This perfect purple.

7. This ultimate ultramarine.

8. This awesome aqua blue.

9. This pastel perfection.

10. This marvellous magenta.

11. This magical maroon.

12. This wild violet.

13. This romantic rose gold.

14. This hot pink.

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